Media Studies AS Course Outline

AS Media Studies consists of 50% coursework and 50% exam. The summer results vary from an A to an E. The exam board we are studying is OCR. On this blog I will publish everything including: research; planning; organisation; evaluation and my independent interests in media. I will set these out in a multi-media form, exploring different ways to display my studies and discoveries. The final post will be my final piece that all of my planning is leading up to.

For the exam half of the course there are two sections. Section A is about ‘Textual Analysis and Representation’. In this half of the exam we will be shown a 4/5 minute extract from a TV Drama 4 times. From these viewings we have to analyse: representation; categories; ability/disability; class/status; sexuality; power; and regional identity. From now until Christmas we will be learning about this and how to use the correct terminology. Section B is to do with ‘Institutions and Audiences’. This section gives one question about the film industry from which we have to interpret marketing, exhibition, distribution and production. For this half of the exam we will research our own case studies.

Our coursework is a foundation portfolio in Media. This blog will display the multimedia portfolio. It will also display in detail my research and planning, main exercise and evaluation. In the evaluation there will be 7 questions to answer. I shall do a post per each question and attempt to display them in 7 different ways. We shall be doing this from Christmas to Easter.


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