Our Girl – BBC One

The second series of the BBC One drama, Our Girl, returned on the 7th of September at 9pm. The first series followed life on tour of a medic called Molly Dawes, Lacey Turner in Afghanistan. The series included a storyline to do with a love triangle involving her captain, Captain Charles James, and one of her fellow soldiers ‘Smurf’. The series also contains the many dangers that she faces and also focuses on how changing the life of one Afghan girl, Bashira, can change greater Afghanistan for the better. Our Girl series two is similar to series one in that it follows an army medic, however this time it is on a humanitarian tour to Kenya. It follows the experiences of a new medic, Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, Michelle Keegan. After the first two episodes, she has already been portrayed as experienced, brave and calm in danger and trauma. Returning characters include the captain, Ben Aldridge, and many of the previous ‘Two Section’ platoon members. Although Lacey Turner has not returned to the series as Molly Dawes, she has remained in the storyline as Captain James’ lover.

So far, only the first two episodes of Our Girl have aired. Although its only a few, a lot of drama has already occurred. The first episode began with a flashback to Georgie Lane’s previous relationship with an SAS Special Forces soldier, Elvis Harte. The flashback then shows Georgie on her wedding day waiting for Elvis to appear, but he does not. The episode then moves to present day where Georgie is an experienced army medic teaching others with a caring and strong relationship with a doctor called Jamie Cole. She is approached by Captain James and offered a position on a humanitarian tour to Kenya which she accepts. Once Georgie has said her goodbyes, the programme follows her journey to Kenya and displays her character as strong minded, passionate about helping and determined to do the best job that she can. The director chooses to set the scene by showing various Kenyan residents threatening the soldiers within their first few moments driving through the village. This forbodes the upcoming events in the programme as drama and action follows based on the hatred between the two cultures. Within moments of being on camp an explosion goes off… The medics rush to help and instantly Georgie proves that no amount of training can prepare you for the real thing. The next tragedy to occur is the kidnapping of aid worker Kicki. Georgie is determined to find her and with this determination comes great danger. Georgie insists on going with one of the harmed enemies to hospital as he may ‘crash’ on the way. However, the ambulance is hijacked by terrorists and Georgie herself is kidnapped. The end of the episode shows Georgie removing her army tags as she is wearing doctor scrubs and wisely plays herself to be an aid worker, not a soldier. If there terrorists knew she was a soldier she would have been instantly killed.

Episode two began with Georgie’s fellow platoon members searching to find her. The shot then switches to show Georgie chained up, with a sac over her head in an area that looks like an old stable. The terrorists then threaten to kill her if she does not help one of their wounded. In doing so they learn about her origin and view her as a valuable hostage. From this moment it is clear that the terrorists will use Georgie to bargain with the British and Kenyan governments. They demand for all of their fighters to be returned or Georgie gets decapitated and killed. This would be broadcasted throughout the entire world. Soon after that, Georgie is reunited with Kicki, the aid worker who had previously been kidnapped. The two manage to escape the cage that they are being contained in but are caught hiding behind a tower of tyres. From this escape attempt Georgie retrieves a television remote control and some wire. She uses these with a rock and piece of string in order to create an infra red device that can put out a signal to her commanders back at base using a drone to pick up signals and search the area. This is a success and Captain James plans a mission to retrieve Georgie and Kicki. To do so they need the help of the special forces, when the SAS fighters arrive Captain Charles James instantly knows that there is about to be a huge problem. Georgie’ ex fiancé, Elvis, steps out of the helicopter. Although Captain James tries to talk Elvis out of continuing with the mission, he is their last hope as time is running out for Georgie and Kicki. Elvis is portrayed to be highly skilled, determined and over confident. He goes against orders and goes into the terrorist compound on his own to identify the hostages. Although it was very risky he succeeds. However in the time that it takes for Elvis to report back to Captain James, viewers are shown a scene where Georgie is pleading to naive and befriended terrorist, Zeki. Unluckily when mistreating Georgie unveils her hidden army tags and Zeki is driven with motivation and adrenaline and calls the leaders over. There is disagreement over whether or not to kill Georgie AND Kicki or just Kicki because the government still had very little time to free all of the Al Shabaab fighters. Zeki, innocent and naive, follows the orders of his idol and shoots Kicki. In this time the special forces and ‘Two Section’ have skipped the safety stage of their plan in attempts to reach Georgie before she is killed. The plan undertakes and the leaders are shown to flee leaving the naive and young fighters to die. Georgie is saved and whinched into the helicopter with her masked hero. Once sat in the helicopter her hero takes off his balaclava, sunglasses and helmet. Georgie sees that her hero is her ex fiancée and is shocked. This is the introduction to the upcoming love triangle and difficult decisions that Georgie and Elvis have to decide. Out of the shock and anger she slaps Elvis and then both display mixed emotions about one another. This is where episode 2 ends leaving the viewers on a cliff hanger and eager for the next episode!

Television programmes such as ‘Our Girl’ have always interested me. I have always been interested in the military profession and so when a drama is based on this and based on reality and truth I enjoy the series a lot. The show highlights struggles and realities of the modern day and opens your eyes up to some of the brace people out there. It displays different cultures but is based on a very present topic in today’s media and news. Being so realistic allows viewers to become involved and feel as though it is real when watching. This heightens the adrenaline and passion you experience when watching the programme. Series One quickly became my favourite programme and so I was very excited to see a new series starting and am eager to see what happens in the next episode… tomorrow night!

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