Shot Reverse Shot

Shot Reverse Shot is another commonly used technique in film used for continuity editing. It is mainly used when characters are having a conversation, sharing various expressed facial reactions or looking at objects. In order to use shot reverse shot correctly, directors must tie in the 180° rule. This is because shot reverse shot focuses on placement and conversation and so for this to be used correctly and effectively, the characters must remain in their set positions otherwise the audience’s sense of location of the characters is lost and the scene will not flow.

An example of using shot reverse shot could be when character 1 is looking at either a person or object, the audience may view this through an over the shoulder shot. This shot would then be followed by character 2 looking back at character 1. This is shot reverse shot as the original shot has literally been reversed so that the audience can see the two sides of the conversation. Doing so allows the viewers to feel more involved and to be able to follow the action or dialogue easily and continuously.

This series of screenshots from the first episode of ‘Stranger Things’ displays this feature…

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