Young Journalist Academy

When I was younger I took a part in a programme called Lincolnshire Young Journalist Academy, which later changed to Young Journalist Academy. I really enjoyed the group as it introduced me to the various different aspects to media. We were given the chance to use equipment such as boom poles, high tech cameras, professional lighting and sound recorders. Before I had not recognised the many different aspects to the world of media.

My group were given the task to find out information to do with Woodhall Spa’s ‘The Kinema in the Woods’. Mid way through the week we were given the chance to have a tour around the Kinema and to interview the owner. This was very interesting due to the fact that the Kinema is the only cinema in the UK to use back projection. We were shown how this worked and various other features of the Kinema not open to the general public. On this day we made a short video displaying different features to the Kinema. During filming we all swapped parts so that we had a go at everything. This is our final video…

The film is 6 years old and stars me at the beginning 10 years old taking the acting job very seriously. The short video was entered into the LAFTAS, the Lincolnshire Awards for Film Teamwork. We attended the awards evening which included various entertainments and won our category. We were presented our award by actor and voice to ‘The Cube’, Colin Mcfarlane. We also were able to meet the host and actor, Jim Broadbent. We were thrilled that our short video on the Kinema had taken us this far. A couple of weeks later the three of us shown in there beginning of the film walking towards the Kinema were pulled out of a lesson by our teacher. Our video had been recognised from the awards and we were invited for a behind the scenes tour of the Royal Albert Hall and free tickets to watch the ‘Music for Youth Primary Proms’. When we arrived we were treated to a tour of the famous building. We then were shown to the green room where we ate and prepared to interview Blue Peter presenter, Barney Harwood. Excited is an understatement to how we felt. Later on we were shown to our own private box for the show which turned out to be the one next to the royal box!

Young Journalist Academy also took me to other places such as interviewing the Cottage Museum in Woodhall Spa after it had been set on fire…

It also took me to Rolls Royce in Derby. Here we were given an access all areas tour and saw things not open to the public. We were also given the chance to interview engineers and members of Rolls Royce…

Young Journalist Academy was a really fun and interesting programme which allowed me to learn lots about the world of media. It allowed me to become interested into media and showed me that I wanted to do more to do with media studies in the future…


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