iOS 10

On the 13th of September 2016 the most recent software update for Apple was released, iOS 10. Due to the milestone figure of the update, 10, many new features were included in the update. It is the largest update since the release of iOS 7. The update is available from the iPhone 5 and up, iPad Air and up, iPad Mini 2 and up and iPod Touch 6th generation. The software update has come following the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


There were many features released with iOS 10. Arguably the aspect that has changed the most is iMessage. Although text messaging itself is not affected by the new update, there are many new ways to send iMessages. When typing a message, predictive messaging displays the emoji version of a word typed. If you press this then the word is replaced by the emoji present. By the end of the message, the words that could be replaced by an emoji are highlighted in orange. You can choose whether to replace these words with their emoji equivalent or whether to just leave it. Also new to iMessage is how you want the message to be received. When sending a message if you press and hold the blue arrow you can choose whether to send your message with a ‘slam’, or as a ‘loud’ message, ‘gentle’ message or a secret message sent with ‘invisible ink’. The slam aspect has the message appear to be very large and to land onto the screen of the receiver. The loud feature allows the message to appear to be very large onto the receptors’ screen. Gentle sends the message as a much smaller message. Invisible ink sends the message so it will appear as a cloud of moving dots. To read the message the receiver has to rub the message. These are not the only features affecting iMessage. When the menu for the ways to send a message have appeared you can select a different menu at the top called ‘Screen’. This feature changes the whole screen on the receivers phone. You can send messages that will bring the screen alive. You can send your message with balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks or a shooting star. Another feature on iMessage can be accessed when you press the arrow to the left of the message. This arrow brings up a menu of new features. The icon displaying an A in a squished circle allows you to send Music or GIFs. You can also add new iMessage apps that allow you to send various other aspects of media. The next option along, with the icon displaying a heart with two fingers on it, allows you to send various moving images. When pressing this option a various of options appear. It opens a digital touch pad and there are various actions which trigger different aspects of the feature. When using one finger on the digital touch pad, you can draw using different colours. This drawing is then sent as a video of you drawing it. If you tap with one finger then a coloured circle comes to life. If you press and hold with one finger you can create a fireball. Tapping with two fingers produces a kiss. Pressing and holding with two fingers creates a heartbeat. If you press and hold with two fingers and then drag down then you create a heartbreak. This feature was used on the Apple Watch before this update. The last option on the menu is a camera. This option is not a new feature as you could send photos from camera and photo library before the update.

Lock Screen

The new update also brought about a new lock screen. Apple’s famous ‘Slide To Unlock’ feature on the lock screen has vanished. Due to complaints concerning reading notifications before Touch ID unlocked your phone were considered and provoked one of the new main features. Now to unlock the phone you have to physically press the home button. Resting your fingerprint on the lock button allows you to view your notifications., calendar events, news, weather, map destinations, stocks, favourite contacts and many more. These features appear when you swipe left and when you choose an aspect you would like to open, such as Snapchat, it opens without having to re enter the Touch ID as the phone has already had this and so is unlocked. Apple have also introduced ‘Raise TO Wake’. This allows your phone to come alive whenever it is raised.

3D Touch

3D Touch was originally introduced last year with the introduction of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. At first it was only a very limited feature as it was only compatible with a few apps. However, iOS 10 has focused on 3D Touch and allowed it to be a much more useable feature. Not only do more applications use the feature, but the ones that did originally now have a higher range of how to use it.

Control Center

The Control Centre received many new features in the iOS 10 update. No longer is the control centre one page of widgets. On the iPhone there are two menus. On the first there are similar features to before such as Screen lock, Bluetooth, Wifi, Aeroplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Brightness etc. Other common features such as Torch, Timer, Calculator and Camera are the same but now include new 3D Touch features. You can now select low light, medium light or bright light for the torch. You can also go to a timer shortcut for timers from 1 minute to an hour. Calculator remembers your last calculation and takes you to it if you use the 3D Touch feature. Camera includes similar options to before the update including ‘Take Photo’, ‘Record Slo-mo’, ‘Record Video’ and ‘Take Selfie’.

iOS 10 includes many features. There have also been many changes to the overall experience and appearance of the phone. One of the most used and noticeable change to the update is the emojis. The appearance of emojis have gone through a makeover. They look very different and there are new equal gender role emojis. As well as this, emojis such as the pistol have been replaced by a less violent emoji, a water pistol. The change to emojis is one of the most controversial part of iOS 10 as there are many mixed views upon them. Different colour schemes have also been introduced bringing the screen to life. For example, the ‘Clock’ application is no longer mainly white but mainly black. For me, I prefer this because when setting alarms when going to bed the screen is not too bright. Although I preferred the old emojis, I love the new update.

This video by 9to5Mac displays the ’75 new iOS 10 features/changes’…





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