Textual Analysis: Editing


Continuity – things happening in a continuous sequence.

  • Match on Action
  • Establishing Shot – the establishing shot allows the audience to get a sense of the geography of the location being filmed in.
  • Cutaway – when you see something in vicinity that adds context.
  • Glance/Object – when glancing at something and then showing what the character was glancing at.
  • Reaction Shot – editing to display when something happens, the reaction that takes place after.
  • Shot Reverse Shot
  • Master Shot – a master shot puts close – ups into context, they are an establishing shot for a specific action.

Temporal Structure – how you show time passing in various ways.

  • Fast Forward – where more than one seconds worth of film is put into a seconds length.
  • Frame Skip

Contiguity – seeing things that are happening at the same time.

  • Cross Cut/ Intercut/ Parallel – Things occurring in a parallel order.
  • Action Match – movement in one scene matches movement in another scene.
  • Graphic Match – picture of one thing very similar to another. For example, a record player and a car wheel.

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