Professor Brian Cox Live…

Professor Brian Edward Cox is an English physicist mostly known for his scientific television programmes such as: Forces of Nature; Wonders of the Universe; Wonders of the Solar System; Stargazing Live; and Horizon. However, Cox is not only interested by science… In the 1980s he was a part of a well known rock band called ‘Dare’. Brian Cox was the keyboard player within the band that had various successful tracks such as the number one, ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. On the 25th of October 2016 my Mum, Dad, Sister and I went to see Brian Cox Live at the Engine Shed in Lincoln. Brian was joined by his friend Robin Ince. Ince is an actor, writer, comedian and radio show presenter. He brought a funny aspect to the show and provided comfort for the audience as he represented the everyman compared to the super intellectual Professor.

Upon arrival we soon found out we were sat on the very front row… Although this was good because we were so close to Brian Cox, we felt bad as my family (excluding my Dad) are not hugely interested in Physics; however, halfway into the show we all had very achy backs and necks. The show was structured into a part one and part two. Between the two parts there was an interval in which the audience were encouraged to tweet any questions we had for Brian to #briancoxlive. Questions included: “Who would win in a fight, 1 trillion lions or the sun”; “What effect will Brexit have on UK Space Exploration”; “Dab for us Brian”; “Will you take a selfie with me outside”; “Did man really land on the moon”; plus many more. After the break, Brian answered many of these questions. Personally, this was the part of the show that I enjoyed the most.

Brian Cox covered a huge range of physics in great detail. Although s0me of it I did not understand, Brian managed to present the various subjects in an interesting, visual and comical way so that I learnt a lot whilst also enjoying the show. After longer talks about a subject, the comedian Robin Ince interrupted in order to give the audience some light relief. Unexpectedly I really enjoyed the show and learnt a lot, however towards the end my attention span had reached its limit. My mum booked the tickets when I was considering taking Physics for A Level… The show made me slightly regret not taking Physics as it was very interesting; however, I lost this regret when remembering that I could not understand much of the show and this was physics dumbed down! Overall the night was entertaining and fun, a great way to celebrate my sister’s 20th birthday… I’m sure she thought so too.



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