My New Series 2 Apple Watch!

For a good while I had been saving up my money for the new iPhone 7; however, when this was released I decided not to get it as it was not that much different from the 6S and I had been saving up for so so long! It was then when I read about the new iWatch, it looked really cool and I always liked the idea of having an interactive watch and so I decided to buy a new watch. After much thought over which combination to buy I decided on the Series 2 Gold Aluminium Case with Concrete Sport Band…


Features of the Series 2 Apple Watch:

  • The new watch has a built in GPS. Because of this you can, for example, go running without your phone and the watch will still measure the various aspects to the exercise accurately.
  • Arguably the most popular new aspect of the watch is that it is water resistant. It is said to be waterproof up until 50metres. I am too scared to test this though! The watch has speakers and so is not totally sealed… The speakers allow water in and eject them with vibrations.
  • The heart rate sensor continuously records the heart rate of the user.
  • The workout app offers 12 activities to measure; however the watch automatically tracks exercise anyway.
  • The new watch also has a brighter display by two times.
  • There are new features to the watch such as new layouts, functions and options.
  • The new Watch OS 3 allows new aesthetic options.
  • There are more new functions to the apple watch but I am still finding these out!

This is the video that I watched just before I got my watch when I was still unsure on which series to buy!…

This is the video I watched once I had bought my series 2 Apple Watch as I had never had one before and was unsure on how to use one and what the new features actually were!…




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