Lucky You: Our Attempt…

Similarly to before when we recreated the opening to Reservoir Dogs, we were once again given the task to replicate a movie scene from “Lucky You”. Rather than working as a class, this time around we were put into groups. I was put into a group with Emily Jackson, Kieran Cross and Emelia Rodgers.  Unfortunately, I was off school on the days where my group planned and filmed the recreation of this scene due to illness. However, I was back for the lesson that we were given to edit. In this lesson, I was partnered up with Kieran. We found the given time period of one lesson to edit extremely difficult as not only did we have to edit the footage, Kieran had to explain to me what was going on! When watching the final, edited piece of footage you can tell that we were extremely rushed as there are many problems and issues. Firstly, there are many issues surrounding the audio. When editing, Kieran and I found it extremely difficult to find the correct pieces of audio for the correct piece of footage. However, we tried our best in the given time period. Another problem is the positioning of Kieran’s eyes. I was told that when filming, the script was written on the board behind as a prompt. When I was told this, it became clear that Kieran was reading the script off of the board when filming. There are various other problems with this recreation, however, with more time I feel as though Kieran and I could have done a much better job…

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