Screenplay Version 1…

In order to write our screenplay, Emelia and I decided to use the website ‘WriterDuet’. This website allows two people to work on the same screenplay at the same time but on two different devices. It also allows you to have a FaceTime call whilst doing so which is pretty cool. This website also helps with giving your screenplay the exact features that a real screenplay would include, for example the font… 12 point, 10 pitch Courier Typeface. WriterDuet was really helpful and allowed writing our screenplay to be as simple as possible.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 16.54.38.png

It did not take too long for Emelia and I to figure out how to work WriterDuet. However, it did take us quite a while to figure out how to connect the script to two devices! Using our research into codes and conventions of screenplays, Emelia and I applied our knowledge and began trying to replicate a screenplay for our film opening! Unfortunately, Emelia and I have not yet chosen a title and so we had to leave that part blank to fill in once we have decided. Here is our first draft of a screenplay for our thriller film opening…




Script (1).jpgScript (2).jpg

As soon as Emelia and I finished our first draft of screenplay, we printed off several copies and gave them out to family, friends and our teacher. From our feedback, people told us that our first draft looked very similar to a real screenplay but was too short for a two minute film opening. It was then when Emelia and I noticed that we had missed out a large section of our plot when writing the script! We had forgotten to write about the part where the young girl is looking for her mother around the house. We had also forgotten to write about the part where she puts on her wellingtons, opens the door and walks into the field! We found the feedback from our media teacher very helpful. He helped us with our grammar, reminded us of the areas that we missed out and helped us improve it further. He also provoked us to start thinking more about the intricate details in our screenplay…

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