Screenplay Version 2…

For the second version of our screenplay, Emelia and I took on board the various points of feedback from our friends, family and teacher. We altered our punctuation, including apostrophes, and some of our wording that before did not make sense. Emelia and I have also decided to go along with our teacher’s idea of using ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ as a song for our character to sing rather than ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ as it is creepier and will fit with the genre and mood of our film better. The largest difference between our first and second version is the length. Our version two is somewhat longer; this is because Emelia and I included the various pieces of plot that we had previously forgotten. With the added plot, we had to once again get feedback from our friends, family and teachers. For this version, our feedback was much more positive. People said that they could imagine our film opening clearly. They also agreed with the route that we had chosen for our characters. Emelia and I were happy with our version two but still did not have a title for our film. We planned to compose our own score but time pressures have led us to reconsider this idea…



Script-4 (4).jpg

Script-4 (3).jpg

Script-4 (2).jpg



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