Screenplay Version 3…

Emelia and I are now happy with our screenplay. Although we have still not come up with a title, we can add this in later on in the process. Our third version is not a whole lot different from our second version. However, we have decided that we would like our song at the end to be a distorted and creepy version of ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’. We have chosen this because it shall tie our opening together as it will relate to earlier on where the young girl is heard to be humming the nursery rhyme. It also adds tension and a sense of fear to our opening which is what we are aiming for due to our chosen genre. We once again showed people our final version four screenplay and with the exception of a lack of a title, thew feedback was all positive. We plan to use this screenplay in order to help us film the opening. It shall also give our actors an idea of what we need them to do. Here is the final version of our screenplay…Script-4.jpg

Script-4 (1).jpg

Script-4 (2).jpg

Final Script.jpg

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