Storyboard Planning…

When sitting down to begin drawing our storyboards, Emelia and I were unsure on the various shots that we wanted to use and the flow of our film. In order to come over this and to get a more general view into the various shots in our opening, Emelia and I decided to plan out each storyboard square before beginning to draw. Also, this meant that Emelia and I could split the storyboards up between us knowing exactly what we had to do. We chose to split up the task so that we could carry on with the process faster whilst having highly detailed storyboards. When planning what would be in each shot, Emelia and I had to consider the types of shots often seen in thriller films. We also had to consider the range of our shots. For example, continuous use of long shots would distance the viewers from the film as it may seem more unrealistic and boring. Once Emelia and I had finished planning out our shots, we split them between us and began our sketching. However, it was rather tedious bringing in the many A3 sheets into school and we also often found ourselves struggling to find the correct sheet! Because of this, I decided to animate the plan in a short video as this would be easy for us to access and also allowed us to visualise the flow and movement of the film. Here is the animation of our storyboard plan…


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