Final Storyboards…

Emelia and I spent a fair deal of time on completing our storyboards. However, we felt as though the storyboards were an important aspect of the planning as they would be so much help in future aspects of making our film opening. Although the continuity of our storyboards is not fantastic due to the fact that the split up the task between the two of us, we are happy with the flow of our film and can clearly picture the end product in our heads. Emelia and I are not the most talented of artists and so some drawings may not make as much sense to others as they do to us; however, we do not think that this is a huge problem as it is us who needs to understand the planning of the shot. If we were to have more time, I would be tempted to create a set of storyboards online using software such as where you can create a cartoon version of your storyboards. Emelia and I also did not include as much detail within the frames as we maybe should have done; however, once again we did not view this as hugely important as we are not 100% sure of these details now anyway and so the shot would be inaccurate. Overall, we are fairly pleased with our storyboards.

In order to be able to visualise the flow of our film opening to the maximum extent, we decided to animate the storyboards. To do this, I had to take individual shots of each frame. I then imported these onto iMovie and ordered them correctly. I then had to consider the timings and shorten/lengthen the shots until I was happy with the outcome. Emelia and I thought that the animation would be more useful if it was simply of the drawing itself rather than including the writing and dialogue etc into the animation. We decided this as then you can focus more on what is occurring in each shot. Now that we have an animated video of our storyboard, we can use this to our advantage and plan to bring the video with us when filming. We plan to do this as we believe that it will help us to concentrate on the flow, stay efficient and eliminate mistakes surrounding rules such as the ‘180 Degree Rule’. Here is our animated film of our storyboards…



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