Rough Ideas for Idents…

It was now time for Emelia and I to begin designing and creating a set of idents for our film opening. Ideally, Emelia and I would like to animate one ident, using the software Motion, and to film one in real life. We would like to do a mix of the two as we feel that it will display more method and skill.

The first thing that Emelia and I thought about was how to link our idents into our chosen genre, thriller. Due to this being our genre, we thought that an ident involving an aesthetically pleasing, simple event would fit nicely. We also tried to incorporate some sort of event that would forebode a bad thing happening in the upcoming film. The first ident idea that we came up with was of a simple dandelion. We would animate this particular ident and have the seeds blowing in the wind over our chosen title. Our next idea for an animated ident involved a forest of trees with one falling down in the centre to reveal the title. We then began to think of more simple ideas, we came up with the idea of a door being slammed shut in a dark film; this would be easy to film. We then branched off this simple idea and came up with the idea of some candles flickering in the dark and then blowing out to reveal the title; this has a simple yet slightly sinister tone to it and we can imagine it being fairly aesthetic. Emelia and I then tried to think of ideas for an ident that links to our chosen genre of a thriller. We wanted to film a pair of eyes and then would add an effect to make the screen flicker to reveal eyes with the colour completely washed out and then flicker back to normal. We then had the idea to have a rocking chair in a simple and dingy room that would gradually gain pace; this could be either animated or filmed and so gives us some leeway. Here are our first six rough ideas for an ident… 16667218_696549787193012_1002824851_o.jpgEmelia and I plan to use two or three idents in our end product and so our next stage was to  pick out our favourite three. In the end, we picked the dandelion, eyes and candles. We chose these three as we believe that they will best suit our storyline and pace of the film. We also feel as though they are possible to create in our limited time frame. Now that we have our three favourites, Emelia and I need to plan how to film them and what to call them. For the dandelion ident we have thought about the name “Covet Productions”. The word covet means to yearn to possess something, especially something belonging to another. We liked how it sounded and although it does not link directly to the dandelion on the ident, it could link to our storyline. We liked the sound of “Flicker Pictures” for our ident based on the eyes. This would directly link to the actions occurring in the ident and sounds rather catchy. Here are our three final chosen idents… 16651346_696561747191816_1007018293_o.jpg

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