Creating our First Ident: Dandelion

Emelia and I planned to find an image of a dandelion off of the internet and trace it in order to get a realistic drawing for our first animated ident. After a brief search on Google Images, we had found the perfect image…


We downloaded this image onto the desktop and then moved it into Motion. After a brief practise using the tools on Motion, we traced the image. After careful tracing, Emelia and I had our finished outline. However, we were not happy with how it looked and so tried a new approach. We then moved the image into Pixelmatr and coloured out the background and turned it black. Although we felt this version looked better than before, we were still not happy with it as some parts of green were still visible and it was clear that we had just coloured the original background…


Emelia and I decided to drop the idea of a dandelion after we wasted a considerable amount of time trying to make it work. We decided to move on onto the ident of the flickering eyes…


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