Creating our Second Ident: Eyes

Our next ident to create was for our “Flicker Pictures”. Emelia and I thought that it would be best to actually film some eyes for this ident rather than to struggle with Motion once again. We decided to simply film my eyes and then use Final Cut Pro to edit later on. To film this, Emelia and I found a pitch black room and used an iPhone camera, with flash, and filmed my eyes…

Emelia and I had originally planned to take this footage and add various colour palettes and effects to it. We also planned to edit it so that the eyes would appear to be ‘normal’ until the whole screen flickered to reveal the rolled back eyes with the veins and then back to ‘normal’. Although Emelia and I were happy with the quality of the video, it is fairly shaky. This is because we filmed at school and so I did not have my tripod for my phone with me. We could have easily filmed again with the tripod the next day, but we came to the decision that our planned “Flicker” ident would not fit in with the rest of our film as well as we had originally hoped. Because of this, Emelia and I decided to move onto our next ident idea…


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