Creating our Third Ident: Candle

With our first two ideas for an ident proving to be a disaster, Emelia and I hoped that our idea of the candles would work out well. The original plan was to have multiple candles all lit, flickering in a dark location. However, when setting up the many candles all with varying height, widths and colour the shot was not as aesthetically pleasing as I had originally envisaged. I then tried the same shot using just one, fairly large candle. In my opinion, this looked a whole lot better. It was then when I remembered that one of the features of an ident promoted simplicity. Because of this, I decided to stick with just the one candle. After many retakes and lots of fiddling with the lighting, I thought that it looked most effective when the candle was the only source of light in the room; this meant that when blown out, the room fell into pitch black. I decided to go with this as I thought when the room goes pitch black, the title of the production company could appear. I also played around with the various settings on my phone, for example time-lapse and slow motion. In the end I decided to film using slow motion as, in my opinion, this created a rather eery and foreboding atmosphere. It also looked a whole lot more graceful and aesthetic in my opinion. Here is the original footage that I used before editing…

The next stage was importing the footage into iMovie. After this, I cut the video right down as idents are not meant to be too long. I cut the footage down so that the candle is shown to be blown out into a dark screen. The next thing that I had to worry about was adding the name of the production company. Although one of our original ideas, Emelia and I had not originally come up with a name for this specific ident. At first I was keen to call it “Candlewick Pictures”. However, no matter how much I tried, I could not get this to fit into the text option that I had chosen. Because of this, I went onto and began looking for alternative words to light, bright, candle, fire, etc. After a lengthy search, I found the word lucent. The definition for lucent is “glowing with or giving off light”. I then asked my Mum for her opinion on the name, she loved the name and also mentioned that it also reminded her of some sort of sorcery or evil/demon; this gave me more confidence with the name as it could be linked into the thriller genre. When I was finally happy with the name, I played around with the various functions for text and chose the “Focus” effect for the text. I then had to choose a font. This proved to be one of the most difficult parts for me as I could simply not decide. In the end, I settled for “Baskerville” in the size 144. After this, I added a fade to make sure that the introduction was smooth and also so that the flickering of the flame was included. I thought this was fairly important as the flickering adds an eery tone and relates the ident to the genre of thriller. Here is the final candle ident…

I am happy with how this ident turned out. I feel as though it sets the tone and flow for the upcoming film opening and relates to our chosen genre well. Emelia and I have chosen to play the soundtrack from the film opening over the two idents in attempt to bring it all together. Because of this, we do not have to search for music for the idents. Emelia and I are now brainstorming, thinking about what we could use for our animated ident.


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