Location Planning

The next stage in planning was for Emelia and I to find a location to film at. Originally, we envisaged filming at an isolated, country farm house. We wanted to film here as we thought it fit in well with our storyline. We then ran our survey and included a question to do with the location. Here is what we found from the survey…


From our survey, we are certain that we would like to film in an isolated and rural area, preferably in a farmhouse. One of my close friends, Hattie, lives on a farm close to where Emelia lives. Her house is very large and includes stereotypical farmhouse interior decor. Emelia and I thought that this would be the perfect for our film and so planned on asking Hattie if we could come round to film for a day. The next time I saw Hattie, I asked whether it would be okay for us to film at her house or not. I asked in advance so we could plan our screenplay and storyboards based on her house. She said that it would be fine and that could go round to her house for a full day. This was perfect and Emelia and I were excited to film at her house. However, a couple of weeks later, I received a message from Hattie saying that she was going to Dorset on the day that we would be filming. Because i had already booked out the equipment for this day only, we had to find a new location to film at…

As we were pushed for time, Emelia and I were stressfully trying to find a new location to film at. We were messaging friends who lived on farms, but due to the late notice many couldn’t help us. We then asked Tom Scullion whether we could film at his house as there is a large field close to it. He then replied saying yes and asked whether or not we would prefer to film at his Grandma’s house as she has the large field right behind her house. We agreed that this would work better and so had a new location to film at! The field behind her house is large and isolated, just what we were hoping for. After all of the stress, Emelia and I were once again happy with our location.

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