Research Into Makeup

Due to the fact that our actress for the mother character is not age specific, Emelia and I decided that we needed to focus heavily on the makeup and physical appearance of the character. In order to make it believable that the mother was in fact a mother and in fact deceased, I needed to research into techniques of makeup in this field. Emelia and I plan to keep the makeup of the mother fairly natural as she would have been relaxing or sleeping at the time of the kidnapping. However, we feel as though she should be wearing some makeup in order to make her seem older and also in order to emphasise stereotypes such as long eye lashes making a girl more girly. On the other hand, Emelia and I thought it be best to add a grey/white pale tone to the mother character to show that she has been killed and has been lying in a freezing cold field for a substantial matter of time. In order to master this makeup, I will research into tutorial videos and then try it out on myself! The first video I watched displayed clearly how to use makeup in order to make you seem older…

Although the video aims for the girl to look 21, some points made in the video explain how makeup can make you look a lot older than you are. The next video I watched showed how to create a corpse using makeup. The end result is so believable!

Sally has agreed to let me do her makeup and hair on the day of filming. After quite a bit of thought and asking many friends which hairstyle they think would best represent a mother figure and make Sally look older, I have decided to create a low, casual, messy bun. The hairstyle that I envisage will look something similar to the hair in this tutorial…

I shall keep these tutorials in mind when doing Sally’s makeup and hair on the day of filming.

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