Makeup and Hair Practice…

To make sure that I am ready for filming, I have decided to briefly practice the hair and makeup on myself. I am no pro in makeup or hair and hardly ever do much with my hair and makeup on a daily basis; therefore, don’t expect a miracle! For makeup, I decided to go for a natural look. However, from watching makeup tutorials for research, I found out that in order to make someone seem older you must define their features. For example, use contouring and highlighting to define cheekbones and the arch of the nose. This step is critical as our actress is not age appropriate and so we will need to focus on this aspect of mise en scene. Although the Mum is meant to have been sleeping, I feel as though the enhanced features such as cheekbones and eyelashes will establish the role of the character better. I asked many of my friends and family about what hairstyle they would expect on a Mum at nighttime. From this, the majority said a low and messy bun with pieces of hair falling out. On the real day, Sally will be able to help me with hair and makeup as she is much more skilled when it comes t this field! Here is footage of my practice…

Due to the lighting in my bedroom, when watching the video you can hardly notice any changes! However, when looking at myself after in natural light I looked a whole lot more defined and I must admit, slightly older than I had before! I used highlight and contour powder in order to define the nose and cheekbones. I then applied white eye liner in the lower waterline in order to make my eye shape larger and then added mascara after curling my eyelashes. The emphasis on the eyelashes adds femininity to my face which I hope will allow my character in the film to seem much more role appropriate. For the real thing, I would mess up the hair more in order to fit the events that take place! Also, for the real thing I would add a pale white powder to the face in order to make the skin seem icy cold and dead…


I would also use colour correcting concealers in the shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow in order to add tone to the face. If placed in the correct places, adding these colours to the face could help with creating a believable dead body!


On the day of filming, my friend will help me with hair and makeup in order to make it seem much more believable! Although you can not tell from the video provided, due to lighting, I am happy with how my practice went as I managed to make myself seem slightly older and more defined!

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