Last Shot of Film Opening…

For our last shot of our 2 minute film opening, Emelia and I would like to tilt the camera upwards in order to reveal the young girl staring at her dead mother and then move further upwards in order to reveal the title of the film in the sky. However, we would like to move the camera as it tilts upwards and so would not be able to do this effectively whilst using a tripod. On the other hand, Emelia and I did not want to try and complete this shot using free hand as the footage would be extremely shaky and unprofessional. If the last shot of our film were to be shaky, it could ruin our whole film opening! In order to get over this problem, our media teacher gave us the idea to make our own prop to help us complete a CRANE SHOT. He gave us the idea to create a sort of see-saw, we would attach the camera on one side of a pole. We would then prop this pole up on something such as a block of wood so that when we pushed down on one end, the camera would rise at the other end. I mentioned this idea to my Dad and asked him to help me make it, he was happy to help. The next morning, he came to me with a new idea. He suggested that I attach my phone camera, using a tripod for iPhones, onto the wheel of a bike. He then suggested that I would turn the bike around so that it is balancing on the handle bars. I could then use the wheel to move the camera smoothly. Here is some footage to show me doing this whilst filming the final shot of our film…

I am happy with how this footage turned out as it is fairly smooth and creates the effect that we had hoped for. Here is one example of a shot whilst using this method…

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