Finding Music…

Initially, Emelia and I had planned to compose and perform our own music for the task. However, we had not realised how little time we would have and so have decided to go back on this idea! Instead, we have decided to look for uncopyrighted, free music online. Emelia and I took our time looking for this music as we feel that the soundtrack is a hugely important aspect of a film. Not only does it add layers and depth to the film, but it conveys emotions and allows the audience to connect to the film.

What type of music were we looking for?

Due to the melancholic and sorrowful tone of our film opening, Emelia and I were not looking for a busy, loud and cheerful soundtrack. Rather, we were looking for a simple, soft and calm soundtrack. When watching other films, often in the sad parts the soundtrack involves a piano and little else. Because of this knowledge, and the known effect that this has on the audience, Emelia and I wanted a soundtrack containing a piano solo and little else.

Where to look?

There are various sites on the internet that allows you to listen to and download music. However, Emelia and I had to make sure that the songs we were finding were definitely free to use. Because of this, we used some well known websites for this. These include…

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 02.13.46.png

  • Freeplay Music…

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 02.14.31.png

  • Jamendo Music…

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 02.16.00.png

Plus many more. However, the website that Emelia and I found most useful was Audio Network (…

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 02.19.18.png

We found this website the most useful as the search filters were extremely specific. Emelia and I found ourselves listening to songs from all categories.

Final choice for soundtrack… 

When searching in the ambient/instrumental/piano section… I found ‘Empty’ by Helen Jane Long. This song was perfect! It contained a sombre piano melody that Emelia and I could imagine fitting perfectly well within our two minute film opening. It is also fairly quiet which is perfect because it means that when playing, the audience will also be able to hear the diegetic sounds such as the footsteps and leaves crunching. However, audio network only gave us the option to buy the song. When telling one of our teachers about this at school, he told us about Audio Network LGFL; this is for schools and schoolwork only. Luckily for us, our chosen song was also on this version of Audio Network and so we could download it to use in our media project for free! Emelia and I are happy with this soundtrack and feel as though it will help us to set the correct tone for our audience.


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