More Sound…?

As well as a soundtrack, Emelia and I planned to include the nursery rhyme ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’. However, we could not find this specific nursery rhyme anywhere on the internet. Because of this, we knew that we would have to make this music ourselves. Because of this, we booked out one of the music rooms at school and some recording equipment from our media teachers. We then asked one of our peers whether or not he could play it for us whilst we recorded… he said that he would be happy to help! We sent him this in advance…


Oliver was happy to help and so we began recording. As a practice we asked Oliver to play a piece off the top of his head so that we could find the perfect spot to record from. In the background you can hear Emelia and I moving the recorder around as we found listened for the correct place to have it when recording ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’. Here is the practice piece…

After this, we asked Oliver to play ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ as it is usually played. We asked him to do this as we planned to incorporate an original version towards the beginning of our opening in contrast to a slower version towards the end. Here is the normal version…

We then asked Oliver to play a more minor version. I suggested that he play an octave or two higher as often in horror films nursery rhymes are played in a much higher key as this sounds eery and mysterious. Emelia and I planned to use this piece towards the end as the girl finds her dead Mother’s body…

In the end, Emelia and I decided against using ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ in our film opening. We imported the pieces into Final Cut Pro X and edited them into our opening. However, they did not sound right and didn’t fit with the flow of our film opening and so we decided not to include them. On the other hand, had we not tried it out we would have always been wondering whether or not it was going to work!

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