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My New Series 2 Apple Watch!

For a good while I had been saving up my money for the new iPhone 7; however, when this was released I decided not to get it as it was not that much different from the 6S and I had been saving up for so so long! It was then when I read about the new iWatch, it looked really cool and I always liked the idea of having an interactive watch and so I decided to buy a new watch. After much thought over which combination to buy I decided on the Series 2 Gold Aluminium Case with Concrete Sport Band…


Features of the Series 2 Apple Watch:

  • The new watch has a built in GPS. Because of this you can, for example, go running without your phone and the watch will still measure the various aspects to the exercise accurately.
  • Arguably the most popular new aspect of the watch is that it is water resistant. It is said to be waterproof up until 50metres. I am too scared to test this though! The watch has speakers and so is not totally sealed… The speakers allow water in and eject them with vibrations.
  • The heart rate sensor continuously records the heart rate of the user.
  • The workout app offers 12 activities to measure; however the watch automatically tracks exercise anyway.
  • The new watch also has a brighter display by two times.
  • There are new features to the watch such as new layouts, functions and options.
  • The new Watch OS 3 allows new aesthetic options.
  • There are more new functions to the apple watch but I am still finding these out!

This is the video that I watched just before I got my watch when I was still unsure on which series to buy!…

This is the video I watched once I had bought my series 2 Apple Watch as I had never had one before and was unsure on how to use one and what the new features actually were!…




My (very) Varied Music Taste

If someone were to ask me what type of music I liked I wouldn’t be able to pick just one or two genres. My taste is hugely varied as I like pretty much all types of music. Here is a link to a moodboard of my all-time favourite artists…

The moodboard includes singers such as: Royal Blood; My Chemical Romance; Chris Brown; Blur; Tove Lo; Little Mix; Adam Ant; Rihanna; David Bowie; The Vaccines; Everything Everything; Fleetwood Mac; S Club 7; MØ; plus many more. There is a huge range from Etta James to The Vengaboys but all of these artists are some of my favourites.

When I was younger whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older, I said a rapper. I was obsessed with artists such as: Eminem; The Black Eyed Peas; and Jay Z. Nicki Minaj was one of my idols as she was a famous female rapper and because of this I learnt all of the words to songs of hers including Super Bass and Right Thru Me. Although I am less determined to become a rapper now, I still like to listen to artists such as: Chris Brown; JME; Skepta; and Nicki Minaj. People are often surprised when they find out that I can rap one of Eminem’s songs… Rap God.

S Club 7, My Chemical Romance and The Black Eyed Peas are all bands that I was pretty obsessed with. However, these three bands split up. When they did this broke my heart.

Older artists such as David Bowie, Blur, Etta James, Pulp, Fleetwood Mac and Adam Ant were introduced to me by my parents. Songs written by these artists are some of my all time favourites. These include: I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James; Song 2 by Blur; Starman, Life on Mars? and Space Oddity by David Bowie; Stand And Deliver by Adam Ant; Disco 2000, Common People and Live Bed Show by Pulp. Fleetwood Mac’s song, Go Your Own Way is also one of my favourite songs.

Some artists such as: The Vengaboys; Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have produced some of my favourite songs. People often describe these artists as their guilty pleasure; however, when these songs are played at parties everyone joins in. The Vengaboys have written songs such as ‘Vengabus’ and ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ which are songs known by almost everyone. Taylor Swift’s song ‘Love Story’ is most probably my all time favourite song as I used to be obsessed with the music video and still am. Following this closely is another of Taylor Swift’s songs… ‘You Belong With Me’. I love the song and I used to think I was Taylor Swift as in the music video she had long blonde hair, large glasses, a green bedroom and played the clarinet… just like me! I started to like Miley Cyrus through the Disney created star, Hannah Montana. I used to love the songs from Hannah Montana; however, songs such as ‘The Climb’ from the Hannah Montana Movie are so catchy and known by almost everyone still today.

Artists including: Tove Lo, Justin Bieber, Craig David; MØ; Astrid S; and FKA Twigs have recently scaled the charts with their most recent music. The songs are catchy and really good for when you’re feeling all upbeat and excited!

Royal Blood, Little Mix, Rihanna, The Vaccines, Everything Everything, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and Arctic Monkeys are examples of artists that I have always liked. Every single one of their songs I have downloaded and frequently listen to.

I think that having a varied taste in music is a good thing because this means that I know and enjoy a wide variety of music. Because of this, I can join in with people singing, dancing or having fun at parties to more music.

Music Through The Decades…

I made an Infographic as a different way to present my post rather than one large block of writing. I decided to write it about music through the decades from the 1940’s until the 2000’s and how it has changed.

Here is a link to my Infograph…

Professor Brian Cox Live…

Professor Brian Edward Cox is an English physicist mostly known for his scientific television programmes such as: Forces of Nature; Wonders of the Universe; Wonders of the Solar System; Stargazing Live; and Horizon. However, Cox is not only interested by science… In the 1980s he was a part of a well known rock band called ‘Dare’. Brian Cox was the keyboard player within the band that had various successful tracks such as the number one, ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. On the 25th of October 2016 my Mum, Dad, Sister and I went to see Brian Cox Live at the Engine Shed in Lincoln. Brian was joined by his friend Robin Ince. Ince is an actor, writer, comedian and radio show presenter. He brought a funny aspect to the show and provided comfort for the audience as he represented the everyman compared to the super intellectual Professor.

Upon arrival we soon found out we were sat on the very front row… Although this was good because we were so close to Brian Cox, we felt bad as my family (excluding my Dad) are not hugely interested in Physics; however, halfway into the show we all had very achy backs and necks. The show was structured into a part one and part two. Between the two parts there was an interval in which the audience were encouraged to tweet any questions we had for Brian to #briancoxlive. Questions included: “Who would win in a fight, 1 trillion lions or the sun”; “What effect will Brexit have on UK Space Exploration”; “Dab for us Brian”; “Will you take a selfie with me outside”; “Did man really land on the moon”; plus many more. After the break, Brian answered many of these questions. Personally, this was the part of the show that I enjoyed the most.

Brian Cox covered a huge range of physics in great detail. Although s0me of it I did not understand, Brian managed to present the various subjects in an interesting, visual and comical way so that I learnt a lot whilst also enjoying the show. After longer talks about a subject, the comedian Robin Ince interrupted in order to give the audience some light relief. Unexpectedly I really enjoyed the show and learnt a lot, however towards the end my attention span had reached its limit. My mum booked the tickets when I was considering taking Physics for A Level… The show made me slightly regret not taking Physics as it was very interesting; however, I lost this regret when remembering that I could not understand much of the show and this was physics dumbed down! Overall the night was entertaining and fun, a great way to celebrate my sister’s 20th birthday… I’m sure she thought so too.


Upcoming Films I’d Like To See…

Recently when watching the television or going to the cinema, I have seen many movie trailers that have interested me. People have also suggested various films to me that I would like to watch. Often I keep a mental note of the films that I would like to see but frequently forget and so I am going to start keeping a log so that I don’t forget! Here is a list of 10 films, whether they have already been released or not, that I would like to see…

1) Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I first saw the trailer for Tim Burtons most recent film when watching the television. Immediately it interested me with the fantasy adventure and somewhat thrilling theme. Many of my friends have already seen this film and have recommended that I see it. Unbeknown to me, the film is based on a dark fantasy novel written by Ransom Riggs. When reading reviews, the film is made out to be darker than displayed in the trailer; however this does not put me off and I shall be going to watch this film very soon.

2) Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is in no way a recently released film. It was initially released in 1992; however recently my media class have been set a task to re create the opening titles to Reservoir Dogs as close as we can in order to win some sort of prize. From replaying these opening titles over and over, and from the short clips we were shown in class I would like to watch the rest of the film.

3) Doctor Strange

I first came across the trailer for Doctor Strange when at the cinema. The first thing to capture my attention was the fact that the main character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. I am a fan of the television series, Sherlock and Doctor Strange seems to be similar to the show in small ways. When watching the trailer, the film has a mysterious tone and so I am looking forward to see it when it is released, in 10 days time.

4) Passengers

Although this film does not seem to be the type that usually interests me most, the trailer includes many different features such as: comedy; mystery; sci-fi; romance; action and adventure; and a thrill. Also, the two main actors are played by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. I have thoroughly enjoyed films in the past with these actors in and so am excited to see, in December, the characters that they play in this film.

5) The Incredibles 2

Arguably, this film is the one that I am most excited for. However, it is not going to be released until the 21st of June 2019. The Incredibles was one of my favourite movies when I was younger and ever since it’s release in 2004 there have been rumours circling for a second film. After the long wait I was ecstatic when finding out that a second film has been confirmed. Even though it may be 3 years away… I will be 19 years old but at the front of the queue to see the second Incredibles film!

6) Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is once again not a recently released film. It was infact released on the 21st of October 1994. It came to the shock of many when they found out that I had never seen Pulp Fiction and so I figured it was time to catch up and watch it!

7) Pitch Perfect 3

My guilty pleasure is the Pitch Perfect films. They never fail to make you laugh, Rebel Wilson in particular, and the catchy songs will remain in your head for a good while. When the first Pitch Perfect film was released in 2012 I can remember being a part of a new acapella group with my friends. Fortunately, this only lasted a week.

8) Zoolander 2

Zoolander is one of my favourite films, I have watched it way too many times and can quote pretty much the whole film. The satirical comedy always makes me laugh and I am unsure as to why I haven’t watched the second film yet. Zealander 2 has been out for a while now and contains endless amounts of stars and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lenny Kravitz, Usher, A$AP Rocky, Ariana Grande plus many more. I feel as though there is a joy in watching celebrities mock themselves and have fun and I think that is why Zoolander appeals to me and makes me laugh so much.

9) The Godfather

The Godfather was released in 1972 so once again is not a recent film. Although I do not have a particular urge to watch The Godfather, from hearing what others say about it I feel as if I have to. The shock people display when they find out I am a media studies student who has not seen The Godfather suggests to me that I should watch it.

10) The Divergent Series: Allegiant

When I was 12/13 years old I read a book called Divergent. I loved the book and so re read it, to my joy a series was published also. I read all books to the series and loved them so much. When the Divergent film was released in 2014 I was out of this world excited. I watched and re watched the film countless times and could soon quote the whole film and sing all of the compiled scores. The second film release, Insurgent, was just as good and I watched and rewetted this a countless number of times also. On the 10th of March 2016, the third film was released. However, I had not read this book as I had heard rumours of the ending and did not want to ruin it and so I decided that I had to read the book before seeing the film. By the time I had read the book, the film was out of cinemas and not yet on DVD/sites such as iTunes, Amazon Instant Video or Netflix. I have still not seen the third instalment to the series and so will get around to that as soon as I can.

Although in no particular order, there are films in this list that I have wanted to watch for a long time and also films that I am not wanting to see badly but feel as if I need to. Eventually, I plan to have gotten around to have seen all of these films… even if that does take me until 2019.

iOS 10

On the 13th of September 2016 the most recent software update for Apple was released, iOS 10. Due to the milestone figure of the update, 10, many new features were included in the update. It is the largest update since the release of iOS 7. The update is available from the iPhone 5 and up, iPad Air and up, iPad Mini 2 and up and iPod Touch 6th generation. The software update has come following the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


There were many features released with iOS 10. Arguably the aspect that has changed the most is iMessage. Although text messaging itself is not affected by the new update, there are many new ways to send iMessages. When typing a message, predictive messaging displays the emoji version of a word typed. If you press this then the word is replaced by the emoji present. By the end of the message, the words that could be replaced by an emoji are highlighted in orange. You can choose whether to replace these words with their emoji equivalent or whether to just leave it. Also new to iMessage is how you want the message to be received. When sending a message if you press and hold the blue arrow you can choose whether to send your message with a ‘slam’, or as a ‘loud’ message, ‘gentle’ message or a secret message sent with ‘invisible ink’. The slam aspect has the message appear to be very large and to land onto the screen of the receiver. The loud feature allows the message to appear to be very large onto the receptors’ screen. Gentle sends the message as a much smaller message. Invisible ink sends the message so it will appear as a cloud of moving dots. To read the message the receiver has to rub the message. These are not the only features affecting iMessage. When the menu for the ways to send a message have appeared you can select a different menu at the top called ‘Screen’. This feature changes the whole screen on the receivers phone. You can send messages that will bring the screen alive. You can send your message with balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks or a shooting star. Another feature on iMessage can be accessed when you press the arrow to the left of the message. This arrow brings up a menu of new features. The icon displaying an A in a squished circle allows you to send Music or GIFs. You can also add new iMessage apps that allow you to send various other aspects of media. The next option along, with the icon displaying a heart with two fingers on it, allows you to send various moving images. When pressing this option a various of options appear. It opens a digital touch pad and there are various actions which trigger different aspects of the feature. When using one finger on the digital touch pad, you can draw using different colours. This drawing is then sent as a video of you drawing it. If you tap with one finger then a coloured circle comes to life. If you press and hold with one finger you can create a fireball. Tapping with two fingers produces a kiss. Pressing and holding with two fingers creates a heartbeat. If you press and hold with two fingers and then drag down then you create a heartbreak. This feature was used on the Apple Watch before this update. The last option on the menu is a camera. This option is not a new feature as you could send photos from camera and photo library before the update.

Lock Screen

The new update also brought about a new lock screen. Apple’s famous ‘Slide To Unlock’ feature on the lock screen has vanished. Due to complaints concerning reading notifications before Touch ID unlocked your phone were considered and provoked one of the new main features. Now to unlock the phone you have to physically press the home button. Resting your fingerprint on the lock button allows you to view your notifications., calendar events, news, weather, map destinations, stocks, favourite contacts and many more. These features appear when you swipe left and when you choose an aspect you would like to open, such as Snapchat, it opens without having to re enter the Touch ID as the phone has already had this and so is unlocked. Apple have also introduced ‘Raise TO Wake’. This allows your phone to come alive whenever it is raised.

3D Touch

3D Touch was originally introduced last year with the introduction of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. At first it was only a very limited feature as it was only compatible with a few apps. However, iOS 10 has focused on 3D Touch and allowed it to be a much more useable feature. Not only do more applications use the feature, but the ones that did originally now have a higher range of how to use it.

Control Center

The Control Centre received many new features in the iOS 10 update. No longer is the control centre one page of widgets. On the iPhone there are two menus. On the first there are similar features to before such as Screen lock, Bluetooth, Wifi, Aeroplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Brightness etc. Other common features such as Torch, Timer, Calculator and Camera are the same but now include new 3D Touch features. You can now select low light, medium light or bright light for the torch. You can also go to a timer shortcut for timers from 1 minute to an hour. Calculator remembers your last calculation and takes you to it if you use the 3D Touch feature. Camera includes similar options to before the update including ‘Take Photo’, ‘Record Slo-mo’, ‘Record Video’ and ‘Take Selfie’.

iOS 10 includes many features. There have also been many changes to the overall experience and appearance of the phone. One of the most used and noticeable change to the update is the emojis. The appearance of emojis have gone through a makeover. They look very different and there are new equal gender role emojis. As well as this, emojis such as the pistol have been replaced by a less violent emoji, a water pistol. The change to emojis is one of the most controversial part of iOS 10 as there are many mixed views upon them. Different colour schemes have also been introduced bringing the screen to life. For example, the ‘Clock’ application is no longer mainly white but mainly black. For me, I prefer this because when setting alarms when going to bed the screen is not too bright. Although I preferred the old emojis, I love the new update.

This video by 9to5Mac displays the ’75 new iOS 10 features/changes’…




Young Journalist Academy

When I was younger I took a part in a programme called Lincolnshire Young Journalist Academy, which later changed to Young Journalist Academy. I really enjoyed the group as it introduced me to the various different aspects to media. We were given the chance to use equipment such as boom poles, high tech cameras, professional lighting and sound recorders. Before I had not recognised the many different aspects to the world of media.

My group were given the task to find out information to do with Woodhall Spa’s ‘The Kinema in the Woods’. Mid way through the week we were given the chance to have a tour around the Kinema and to interview the owner. This was very interesting due to the fact that the Kinema is the only cinema in the UK to use back projection. We were shown how this worked and various other features of the Kinema not open to the general public. On this day we made a short video displaying different features to the Kinema. During filming we all swapped parts so that we had a go at everything. This is our final video…

The film is 6 years old and stars me at the beginning 10 years old taking the acting job very seriously. The short video was entered into the LAFTAS, the Lincolnshire Awards for Film Teamwork. We attended the awards evening which included various entertainments and won our category. We were presented our award by actor and voice to ‘The Cube’, Colin Mcfarlane. We also were able to meet the host and actor, Jim Broadbent. We were thrilled that our short video on the Kinema had taken us this far. A couple of weeks later the three of us shown in there beginning of the film walking towards the Kinema were pulled out of a lesson by our teacher. Our video had been recognised from the awards and we were invited for a behind the scenes tour of the Royal Albert Hall and free tickets to watch the ‘Music for Youth Primary Proms’. When we arrived we were treated to a tour of the famous building. We then were shown to the green room where we ate and prepared to interview Blue Peter presenter, Barney Harwood. Excited is an understatement to how we felt. Later on we were shown to our own private box for the show which turned out to be the one next to the royal box!

Young Journalist Academy also took me to other places such as interviewing the Cottage Museum in Woodhall Spa after it had been set on fire…

It also took me to Rolls Royce in Derby. Here we were given an access all areas tour and saw things not open to the public. We were also given the chance to interview engineers and members of Rolls Royce…

Young Journalist Academy was a really fun and interesting programme which allowed me to learn lots about the world of media. It allowed me to become interested into media and showed me that I wanted to do more to do with media studies in the future…