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Colour Palette…

Initially, Emelia and I had planned to include a cold and negative colour palette in our film opening. We planned to mix a cold colour palette with a dark colour palette in attempt to create an uncomfortable and foreboding tone for our thriller film. However, when editing (and with the opinion of our classmates and teachers), Emelia and I have decided not to add a colour palette. We have chosen not to do this because the brightness of our shots are aesthetically pleasing. Also, the colouring does not look as though it has come straight off of a camera as Emelia and I had initially thought it would! As well as this, Emelia and I do not believe that a cold and dark colour palette would fit in with the innocent nature and tone of the beginning of the opening. For all of these reasons, plus many more, we have decided not to add a constant colour palette to our film opening.

However, I felt as though we should incorporate something to do with this since we had researched into it. I also felt as though we could do something with the colour to fit the emotions being felt by the young girl in an attempt to allow the audience to empathise with her. Because of this, with the help of one of my teachers, towards the end of the film opening the colour gradually turns to a cold and dark palette. The colours involved are based around blues and purples. These colours intensify as the negative emotions of the young girl would in real life up until they reach their most intense pigmentation at the point where the young girl sees her dead mother. I have included this into the end of our film opening because I feel as though it helps the audience to see what has happened through the young girls eyes and so allows them to feel more emotionally involved. However, I was worried that this gradual increase in opacity of negative colours would make it look as though I made a mistake with lighting when filming. Because of this, I showed the class and asked for opinions on whether to keep it or not. However, when showing the class this, Emelia and I received various positive points of feedback. Because of this, we decided to leave it in.



Coloured Storyboards…

Now that Emelia and I had each box on our storyboards planned out, we could begin sketching the storyboards for our film opening. We jumped straight in as we had lots to do. At first, Emelia and I decided to do fairly rough sketches for each box so that we could assess the various shots and movements and easily edit and change them to our desire. After a brief discussion, Emelia and I decided to use colour in our storyboards as we felt that this would help us to picture how the shots would look in real life. However, after little time passed we soon noticed that colour added nothing to our sketches. We had not yet planned the specific mise en scene of our shots and so using colour seemed to be just wasting our valuable time and adding nothing. It was then that we researched deeper into other examples of storyboards. Here is an example of one of Emelia’s coloured sets of rough drawings…

  • Firstly, we came across some storyboards for the ‘Star Wars‘ films, drawn by  Joe Johnston…movie_storyboards_star_wars_1.jpgmovie_storyboards_star_wars_2.jpgmovie_storyboards_star_wars_3.jpg
  • After that, we came across storyboards from the ‘Jurassic Park‘ films, drawn by David Lowery…movie_storyboards_jurassic_park1.jpg
  • Next, we came across the storyboards for ‘Forrest Gump‘, drawn by Chris Bonura…movie_storyboards_forrest_gump.jpg

From finding these various storyboards from famous films that we both know well, Emelia and I noticed that almost all of the examples of a storyboard that we found were in black and white. The remaining storyboards were drawn using either one colour whilst using the various tones to distinguish light and dark, or dull colours such as brown and beige. After finding this, Emelia and I decided to start our storyboards again but to use black and white this time. We also decided to use varying tone in order to display the depths in our drawings.