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Equipment Used…

Various forms of professional equipment were offered to Emelia and I. Firstly, Emelia and I were given one of the school’s Nikon cameras. These were high quality and fairly easy to use once you had the right idea. Along with these, we were given a tripod. Emelia and I used the tripod in each shot used in our film opening as it helped us to have a steady and still shot. Alongside these, we were given a sound recorder and boom pole. These allowed us to record high quality sound. Emelia and I were offered to use the dolly and/or steadicam. In our original version of the opening, Emelia and I decided to use the dolly. We found it fairly easy to use, but extremely hard to transport due to its large size! However, in our second version Emelia and I decided to stick to our steady shots on the tripod. We declined the offer to use the dolly and steadicam as we felt that our film opening would look more professional and legitimate with a mix of static shots. We also made our own equipment for the last shot and so did not need to use the steadicam or dolly!



Production Log – 8th of January

Last night I once again charged up all of the equipment. However, instead of me trying to wipe the SD card myself, I asked for some help from my Dad. He managed to free up lots of space and so I felt prepared for filming today. This morning, my mum and I went to collect Emelia from Boston. In the car journey on the way home, Emelia and I discussed what shots we could achieve without our main characters. We then got home, collected the equipment and went on a trek to find scenic fields and skies. After filming lots of footage of birds, fields, frost and isolated barns, Emelia and I felt as though we were wasting our time. Because of this, we decided to practise one of our main shots at the end of our film. To do so, we connected the camera onto the mini dolly and set out a course for the dolly using textbooks in an attempt to reduce wobbling. I then laid down on the ground and Emelia practised the movement.


Determined for this not to happen again, I messaged Tom to ensure that he is free next weekend. Luckily, he and Rosie are both free and are willing to film once more to help us out.