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Production Log: The Editing Process

Now that Emelia and I FINALLY have our footage we can begin editing. We have completely scrapped our original opening as we want to have a fresh start in the hope of a much more successful opening! Once again, Emelia and I are editing on Final Cut Pro X. We have used this many times before and so can jump straight in with beginning editing again. Due to the fact that Emelia and I decided to refilm our entire opening, we are even more pushed for time as groups around us are finishing editing before we have even begun!

Firstly, we had to import all of our new footage. We have made a completely new folder on the desktop as well in order to keep all of our version two separate from our version one. We then had to import all of the sound. This time around, we had lots to import and match to clips. The first thing that Emelia and I did was to create a rough cut…

For this, we once again solely focused on the order of the clips so that we could receive feedback on the filming and storyline rather than syncing of sound and fonts! Luckily, people agreed with us that our second go around was better than our first. We were extremely happy with this; however, our rough cut was 3 minutes 12 seconds long and we needed to cut it down to 2 minutes! In order to do so, Emelia and I began by cutting out the footage that was necessary. For example, we have many different shots of Rosie walking up and down the stairs. For actions such as these, the audience do not need a visual example of it in order to understand what is going on. Because of this, we cut out quite a few shots of everyday actions. The next area that we focused upon was the breakfast making part. This took up a large portion of the opening and so we had to fine tune this heavily. However, once cut down, this aspect to the opening did not make perfect sense as the bread seemed to be toasting in a millisecond. This was because the shot of Rosie putting the bread into the toaster was immediately followed by the shot of her taking it out, fully toasted. In order to resolve this I added in a fade in order to display the passing of time. I also did this in-between the shots of Rosie getting the tray where her direction of walking changes immediately. After cutting out many shots, Emelia and I decided to cut down the beginning and ends of many as they were necessarily long. This actually helped with the overall flow of our film opening as the lengths of shots were perfected.

Our next task was to import our two idents. Once imported, Emelia and I moved them onto the timeline of our opening. Of course they went right at the beginning and after one another. However, I added in a fade before the first one and in between the two as this helped with the flow even more. Without the fade, the transition between the two idents was too sudden and too sharp. We then had to create the parts of the film labelling the production company, names of director(s) and names of actors. As well as this, we had to add in the final title sequence! This was fairly easy due to our research into codes and conventions of film openings and fonts. In the end, Emelia and I went with a simple yet slightly gothic looking font; this fit in perfectly with our genre of thriller.

The next task was to add sound. Firstly, Emelia and I added in the diegetic sounds such as the footsteps, heavy breathing, rolling of the blind and footsteps crunching in the leaves. However, we focussed on the syncing of the sound rather than the volume as we believed that we should be worrying about that later with the non diegetic soundtrack layered over the top. When we were happy with the syncing of the diegetic sounds, Emelia and I searched the Final Cut Pro X sound effect menu for exaggerated sounds such as birds singing. We found an array of different birds singing but managed to pick the perfect one. We decided to add this in in the beginning and towards the end of the film opening in an attempt to bring it all together. We then had to add our soundtrack. This was fairly easy, however messed around with all of the other sounds as it, at first, drowned them all out. However, this did not last long as Emelia and I lowered the dynamics of the soundtrack so that you could hear the other sounds easily.

After this, I added in the gradual colour palette. To do this, I used an effect but set it so that it began to intensify at a constant yet steady pace from a certain moment up until the dead body. The blue, negative colour palette is at it’s most intense when the young girl is shown to be looking down at her dead Mother. This displays the emotions that she is feeling and shows that her whole world has just been turned upside down; this also allows the audience to feel empathy towards her as they feel connected through the tone of the ending.

After showing our classmates many times and watching it over and over again ourselves, Emelia and I feel as though our two minute film opening is finished. We are happy with it but believe that with more luck, more experience with the experience and a longer time period it could have been a whole lot better. However, with the endless problems that came my way, I am happy with what I managed to achieve!


Production Log – 8th of January

Last night I once again charged up all of the equipment. However, instead of me trying to wipe the SD card myself, I asked for some help from my Dad. He managed to free up lots of space and so I felt prepared for filming today. This morning, my mum and I went to collect Emelia from Boston. In the car journey on the way home, Emelia and I discussed what shots we could achieve without our main characters. We then got home, collected the equipment and went on a trek to find scenic fields and skies. After filming lots of footage of birds, fields, frost and isolated barns, Emelia and I felt as though we were wasting our time. Because of this, we decided to practise one of our main shots at the end of our film. To do so, we connected the camera onto the mini dolly and set out a course for the dolly using textbooks in an attempt to reduce wobbling. I then laid down on the ground and Emelia practised the movement.


Determined for this not to happen again, I messaged Tom to ensure that he is free next weekend. Luckily, he and Rosie are both free and are willing to film once more to help us out.

Colour Palette

In order to make our film opening as realistic as possible we decided to do a survey on SurveyMonkey to see what most people would expect from a thriller movie. We think that having a strong colour palette is extremely important because it will help to portray the right atmosphere and emotions in our film.
The results from the survey say that most people would expect the colour palette to be either cold colours (such as blue and grey) or dark colours (such as black and brown.)

Using a cold colour palette would help to show the iciness and intensity that we are trying to portray. Considering that our setting is going to be a frosty field this would be an excellent choice because it would make the frost seem even more intense and threatening, especially considering how the young girl will be shown alone outside.
On the other hand, using a dark colour palette would enhance the thriller aspect to our film and make it seem scarier. We think this would be a good idea because we want to make the thriller genre really evident in our film so that we can fulfil the task properly. This could also make the film seem a lot more intense because the darkness will add to the fear of the unknown.
After carefully considering both options we have decided to use a mixture of both cold and dark colours. We have chosen this decision because we feel like it would enhance the atmosphere that we are trying to portray and help to make our film seem more like a thriller.

Here are a few examples of the colour palettes that we intent to use in our film…

Upcoming Films I’d Like To See…

Recently when watching the television or going to the cinema, I have seen many movie trailers that have interested me. People have also suggested various films to me that I would like to watch. Often I keep a mental note of the films that I would like to see but frequently forget and so I am going to start keeping a log so that I don’t forget! Here is a list of 10 films, whether they have already been released or not, that I would like to see…

1) Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I first saw the trailer for Tim Burtons most recent film when watching the television. Immediately it interested me with the fantasy adventure and somewhat thrilling theme. Many of my friends have already seen this film and have recommended that I see it. Unbeknown to me, the film is based on a dark fantasy novel written by Ransom Riggs. When reading reviews, the film is made out to be darker than displayed in the trailer; however this does not put me off and I shall be going to watch this film very soon.

2) Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is in no way a recently released film. It was initially released in 1992; however recently my media class have been set a task to re create the opening titles to Reservoir Dogs as close as we can in order to win some sort of prize. From replaying these opening titles over and over, and from the short clips we were shown in class I would like to watch the rest of the film.

3) Doctor Strange

I first came across the trailer for Doctor Strange when at the cinema. The first thing to capture my attention was the fact that the main character is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. I am a fan of the television series, Sherlock and Doctor Strange seems to be similar to the show in small ways. When watching the trailer, the film has a mysterious tone and so I am looking forward to see it when it is released, in 10 days time.

4) Passengers

Although this film does not seem to be the type that usually interests me most, the trailer includes many different features such as: comedy; mystery; sci-fi; romance; action and adventure; and a thrill. Also, the two main actors are played by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. I have thoroughly enjoyed films in the past with these actors in and so am excited to see, in December, the characters that they play in this film.

5) The Incredibles 2

Arguably, this film is the one that I am most excited for. However, it is not going to be released until the 21st of June 2019. The Incredibles was one of my favourite movies when I was younger and ever since it’s release in 2004 there have been rumours circling for a second film. After the long wait I was ecstatic when finding out that a second film has been confirmed. Even though it may be 3 years away… I will be 19 years old but at the front of the queue to see the second Incredibles film!

6) Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is once again not a recently released film. It was infact released on the 21st of October 1994. It came to the shock of many when they found out that I had never seen Pulp Fiction and so I figured it was time to catch up and watch it!

7) Pitch Perfect 3

My guilty pleasure is the Pitch Perfect films. They never fail to make you laugh, Rebel Wilson in particular, and the catchy songs will remain in your head for a good while. When the first Pitch Perfect film was released in 2012 I can remember being a part of a new acapella group with my friends. Fortunately, this only lasted a week.

8) Zoolander 2

Zoolander is one of my favourite films, I have watched it way too many times and can quote pretty much the whole film. The satirical comedy always makes me laugh and I am unsure as to why I haven’t watched the second film yet. Zealander 2 has been out for a while now and contains endless amounts of stars and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lenny Kravitz, Usher, A$AP Rocky, Ariana Grande plus many more. I feel as though there is a joy in watching celebrities mock themselves and have fun and I think that is why Zoolander appeals to me and makes me laugh so much.

9) The Godfather

The Godfather was released in 1972 so once again is not a recent film. Although I do not have a particular urge to watch The Godfather, from hearing what others say about it I feel as if I have to. The shock people display when they find out I am a media studies student who has not seen The Godfather suggests to me that I should watch it.

10) The Divergent Series: Allegiant

When I was 12/13 years old I read a book called Divergent. I loved the book and so re read it, to my joy a series was published also. I read all books to the series and loved them so much. When the Divergent film was released in 2014 I was out of this world excited. I watched and re watched the film countless times and could soon quote the whole film and sing all of the compiled scores. The second film release, Insurgent, was just as good and I watched and rewetted this a countless number of times also. On the 10th of March 2016, the third film was released. However, I had not read this book as I had heard rumours of the ending and did not want to ruin it and so I decided that I had to read the book before seeing the film. By the time I had read the book, the film was out of cinemas and not yet on DVD/sites such as iTunes, Amazon Instant Video or Netflix. I have still not seen the third instalment to the series and so will get around to that as soon as I can.

Although in no particular order, there are films in this list that I have wanted to watch for a long time and also films that I am not wanting to see badly but feel as if I need to. Eventually, I plan to have gotten around to have seen all of these films… even if that does take me until 2019.