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Rough Ideas for Idents…

It was now time for Emelia and I to begin designing and creating a set of idents for our film opening. Ideally, Emelia and I would like to animate one ident, using the software Motion, and to film one in real life. We would like to do a mix of the two as we feel that it will display more method and skill.

The first thing that Emelia and I thought about was how to link our idents into our chosen genre, thriller. Due to this being our genre, we thought that an ident involving an aesthetically pleasing, simple event would fit nicely. We also tried to incorporate some sort of event that would forebode a bad thing happening in the upcoming film. The first ident idea that we came up with was of a simple dandelion. We would animate this particular ident and have the seeds blowing in the wind over our chosen title. Our next idea for an animated ident involved a forest of trees with one falling down in the centre to reveal the title. We then began to think of more simple ideas, we came up with the idea of a door being slammed shut in a dark film; this would be easy to film. We then branched off this simple idea and came up with the idea of some candles flickering in the dark and then blowing out to reveal the title; this has a simple yet slightly sinister tone to it and we can imagine it being fairly aesthetic. Emelia and I then tried to think of ideas for an ident that links to our chosen genre of a thriller. We wanted to film a pair of eyes and then would add an effect to make the screen flicker to reveal eyes with the colour completely washed out and then flicker back to normal. We then had the idea to have a rocking chair in a simple and dingy room that would gradually gain pace; this could be either animated or filmed and so gives us some leeway. Here are our first six rough ideas for an ident… 16667218_696549787193012_1002824851_o.jpgEmelia and I plan to use two or three idents in our end product and so our next stage was to  pick out our favourite three. In the end, we picked the dandelion, eyes and candles. We chose these three as we believe that they will best suit our storyline and pace of the film. We also feel as though they are possible to create in our limited time frame. Now that we have our three favourites, Emelia and I need to plan how to film them and what to call them. For the dandelion ident we have thought about the name “Covet Productions”. The word covet means to yearn to possess something, especially something belonging to another. We liked how it sounded and although it does not link directly to the dandelion on the ident, it could link to our storyline. We liked the sound of “Flicker Pictures” for our ident based on the eyes. This would directly link to the actions occurring in the ident and sounds rather catchy. Here are our three final chosen idents… 16651346_696561747191816_1007018293_o.jpg

Survey Monkey

Emelia and I wanted to look further into what audiences expect from a thriller film. To do so, we felt the most efficient thing to do would be to create a survey and send it out amongst our friends, family, teachers and peers. After writing up our own survey, I discovered a website called Survey Monkey. This would be much more efficient as it was easy to create, looked fairly professional, would allow us to share the link easily and would also allow us to analyse the results easily.


Survey Monkey was founded in 1999 by Chris and Ryan Finley. It has had over 25 million users and has processed a revenue of 113 million USD. When coming across survey monkey at first I was slightly confused, but quickly got the hang of it. I created the survey titled ‘Thriller Film Opening’ on the twenty sixth of November. Now, 5 days later, we have had 51 responses. In order to receive these responses, I sent the link of https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KK6TXZC to my friends, teachers and family. By doing so we have received a variety of responses and can now improve our film opening from this.

The questions included in the survey are:

  • What age group are you from? – I decided to have this question to begin with as I felt it could display what age range our target audience should be. The target age could alter various aspects of our opening.
  • What is the most important aspect of a thriller film for you? – I felt as if this question would show Emelia and I what to focus on and what the majority of people do not find hugely important.
  • What type of storyline would you expect to see in a thriller? – This response to this question will help us to edit our storyline so that it is what people would expect for a thriller, therefore helping us to make it seem as realistic as possible.
  • What emotions do you expect to feel when watching a thriller? – I feel as though the emotions felt when watching a film are hugely important as they help the audience to feel involved and allows them to connect to thew film. Also, the results from the survey will show Emelia and I which emotions to target when creating our film opening.
  • What features would you expect the antagonist (villain) to have? – The response to this question will help Emelia and I when it comes to the aesthetic planning of our film opening. We can dress and reveal our villain in a way that is expected of a thriller film.
  • What features would you expect the protagonist (main character) to have? – This question is very similar to the previous question in that we can base our costumes and choice of character from the response. I decided to have the same answer choices as the previous question because I think this will help us to differ between the two as the answers may be different.
  • Who would seem to be most vulnerable? – Emelia and I would like our opening to display a vulnerable character and so by asking this question, hopefully we will be able to portray this vulnerability through our opening.
  • Where would you most likely expect a thriller film to be set? – By asking this question, Emelia and I are once again looking into what mise en scene the audience expect from a thriller film. We shall base the location of our film opening from these results in an attempt to fit our opening into the genre as best we can.
  • What sort of colours would you expect to see in a thriller film? – Emelia and I will base the colour palette of our film from this response in order to make it seem as realistic as possible.
  • For the opening to a thriller, what would you expect? – This question is aimed to display what people expect the most of a thriller opening. It will allow Emelia and I to decide what aspect to focus on.

Originally I had a few more questions lined up for the survey. However, Survey Monkey only allows non paying users 10 questions per survey. Because of this I had to decide which questions would give Emelia and I the most helpful responses.

Here are the responses, expectations and opinions of 51 people…


Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.42.51.png

From question 1, Emelia and I can see that over a half of the people who took our survey on thriller films were in the age group of 16-20 years old. From this, we can work out that this will be our target audience. We can also see that the elder generation should not be included in our target audience as they were the minority from our results.

2) Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.45.33.png

From question 2 Emelia and I can infer that, for the majority of people, the storyline is the most important aspect. From this, we now know to focus more on our storyline rather than our music for example. This question also shows us that the location, atmosphere and suspense is seen to be important aspects of a thriller film. We shall focus on these as well in an attempt to make our opening as realistic as possible.

3) Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.45.43.png

From our results from question 3, Emelia and I can infer that most people expect some sort of crime, perhaps a murder, to be the main plot for a thriller film. Emelia and I will include a murder in our opening and from this feedback are happy to see that this is the sort of thing that audiences expect. Interestingly, this question also shows that the audience expect the film to be realistic and based on true events rather than fairly mythical involving monsters, ghosts and zombies.

4) Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.46.15.png

The response for this question is varied yet shows a clear answer. Most people expect to feel fear, tension, shock, distrust and anticipation when watching a thriller. Emelia and I will use these results in order to create a tension and tone that will hopefully make the audience feel these emotions.

5) Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.05.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.10.png

Emelia and I will base the mise en scene of the antagonist character in our film from these results. We shall use a tall, broad, adult, male wearing dark clothes. Hopefully, our character will come across as cunning and sincere throughout the opening. By following the expectations shown here, hopefully Emelia and I will be able to create a believable character.


Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.21.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.27.png

Similarly to question 5, Emelia and I plan to use these results to base our protagonist character upon. The results show that most people expect the main character to be tall, caring, approachable, an adult and wearing everyday clothes. However, the responses for this question, compared to question 5, are fairly balanced.

7) Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.47.png

From the responses to this question, Emelia and I can clearly see that every person, par one, who took part in the survey believes that a female character would seem to be most vulnerable. This does not surprise me as often in thriller films the most vulnerable character is a female. The question also shows us that a toddler or child would pose as the most vulnerable character. Emelia and I will bear this in mind when casting our young actress.

8)Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.52.png

Our results from question 8 show that out of the given options, the most expected location for a thriller film would be in an isolated and rural area. This could combine with the second most popular option, a farm house. Bearing this in mind, Emelia and I are going to ask one of our good friends, Hattie, if we could use her farm as a location for our film.

9)Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.56.png

Emelia and I were unsure upon which colour palette would be best for our film opening. From this response, we are still stuck between cold colours and dark colours. However, we could combine the two throughout the opening in order to make it seem as realistic as possible.

10) Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 20.47.59.png

Our last question was fairly focused upon our specific task in hand. It has shown us that most people expect to see some sort of shocking event in the opening of a thriller film. They also expect to be introduced to the main characters and location. As well as this, our last question shows that most of our target audience prefer simplicity over complexity when watching the opening to a thriller film. Emelia and I will use these results and bear them in mind when fine tuning our plot.

Overall, I have found our survey on Survey Monkey hugely informative and helpful when looking further into expectations of a thriller opening. Emelia and I can now use these results when fine tuning our plot, filming our opening and creating mood using editing in order to create a 2 minute film opening that fits within the thriller genre as best as it can.

Media Studies AS Course Outline

AS Media Studies consists of 50% coursework and 50% exam. The summer results vary from an A to an E. The exam board we are studying is OCR. On this blog I will publish everything including: research; planning; organisation; evaluation and my independent interests in media. I will set these out in a multi-media form, exploring different ways to display my studies and discoveries. The final post will be my final piece that all of my planning is leading up to.

For the exam half of the course there are two sections. Section A is about ‘Textual Analysis and Representation’. In this half of the exam we will be shown a 4/5 minute extract from a TV Drama 4 times. From these viewings we have to analyse: representation; categories; ability/disability; class/status; sexuality; power; and regional identity. From now until Christmas we will be learning about this and how to use the correct terminology. Section B is to do with ‘Institutions and Audiences’. This section gives one question about the film industry from which we have to interpret marketing, exhibition, distribution and production. For this half of the exam we will research our own case studies.

Our coursework is a foundation portfolio in Media. This blog will display the multimedia portfolio. It will also display in detail my research and planning, main exercise and evaluation. In the evaluation there will be 7 questions to answer. I shall do a post per each question and attempt to display them in 7 different ways. We shall be doing this from Christmas to Easter.