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New Location…

Due to the limited time frame, Emelia and I do not have enough time to organise a fixed new location. Although my friend Hattie, whose house we had initially wanted to film at, offered her house to be the location, she could not do a day that Emelia and I could. Because of this, and the problem that we experienced before where we felt too awkward and so rushed our filming, Emelia and I decided to film at my house. It is fairly open, has many windows and would mean that we are in complete control of what is happening. My house is also a 10-15 minute walk away from Tom and Rosie’s house and has a bus directly from Emelia’s house to mine and so is not difficult to get to. Although my house may not have the country house interior decor that we had originally hoped for, we have a fairly large garden and can easily access a field. I intend to use a spare room in my house as Rosie’s bedroom in the opening as this room looks onto the garden and could easily be decorated with toys and teddies to look like a young girl’s bedroom. Here is a video to show the planned route for Rosie when filming…

Changes That We Are Going To Make…

In order to improve upon our original film, Emelia and I are going to have to make various changes within our filming.

Firstly, we are altering our storyline. We shall now begin with the young girl waking up and then looking outside of her bedroom window into the icy, isolated film. After this, we shall no longer see her playing with her toys but shall see her go straight towards the stairs. She shall then go downstairs and make breakfast in bed for her Mum. After this, she shall go back upstairs holding the breakfast in bed and go into her Mother’s room. However, when entering the room she shall see that her Mum is not longer in bed. Confused, she shall go downstairs looking for her Mother on the way. When she can not find her, she shall go towards the back door and put on her Wellington Boots. After this, she shall go outside in search of her Mum. We shall then cut to the icy and isolated field and show the young girl walking. After this, we shall show the dead body and tilt upwards to reveal the young girl staring down at her dead Mother and then tilt even further to reveal the title of the film… that we have still not decided upon! We have decided to change the storyline because we wanted to cut out the awkwardness of her playing with her toys. We also think that this makes much more sense and highlights her innocence as she makes her Mum breakfast in bed. We are also no longer showing the mysterious man lingering over the young girl. We have made this decision as the footage that we are making is only the two minute opening and so you do not want to give too much away!

The second major difference to our film opening will be the location. Although we have not decided for definite yet, we know that we have to change location as the previous location is no longer available. However, even if it was I doubt that Emelia and I would film there again as it was awkward, dark and pushed us to rush our filming. We need to film in a space that we have complete control over. The space must also be light and open planned. Because of this, it is most probable that we will film at my own house!

We also intend to film the majority of the opening on the professional cameras as this will give off a much better quality. In order to achieve this, I have ordered two new SD Cards and will check that they work before we begin filming. We plan to film all of the opening on the camera, except from the last shot as we can not attach the expensive cameras to the wheel of a bike!

Although Emelia and I have considered various new additions to our storyline and filming technique, we have also planned to keep various aspects the same. For example, Emelia and I plan to use Rosie Scullion as our main character and will include a dead body! Hopefully, Emelia and I can pull off our reshoot and can reach our high expectations…


Production Log – 8th of January

Last night I once again charged up all of the equipment. However, instead of me trying to wipe the SD card myself, I asked for some help from my Dad. He managed to free up lots of space and so I felt prepared for filming today. This morning, my mum and I went to collect Emelia from Boston. In the car journey on the way home, Emelia and I discussed what shots we could achieve without our main characters. We then got home, collected the equipment and went on a trek to find scenic fields and skies. After filming lots of footage of birds, fields, frost and isolated barns, Emelia and I felt as though we were wasting our time. Because of this, we decided to practise one of our main shots at the end of our film. To do so, we connected the camera onto the mini dolly and set out a course for the dolly using textbooks in an attempt to reduce wobbling. I then laid down on the ground and Emelia practised the movement.


Determined for this not to happen again, I messaged Tom to ensure that he is free next weekend. Luckily, he and Rosie are both free and are willing to film once more to help us out.

Research Into Fonts

Emelia and I decided to research into what sort of fonts are often used in film production. Here is a short blog post that Emelia wrote about the fonts often seen in horror film openings and why we chose the fonts that we did…

“We decided to research what fonts would be best suited for the opening title sequence of our film. We feel as though this is really important because it can be the reason for a film looking professional or not. For example we wouldn’t want to use Comic Sans as this would just look completely unprofessional.

We started our research by looking at other films title sequences and seeing what type of font they were using. We noticed that a lot of thriller films often use square looking letters that are only slightly noticeably tall and thin. We decided to use a font like this for our credits. We chose to have the credits quite small and in the centre of the screen because it looked much more dramatic and realistic that way.

For the idents we used much bolder fonts because we felt like they could seem more creative than the credits. For Lucent Pictures we just chose a large square looking font because it is similar to what other idents of that genre are like, for example Ghost House and Blumhouse. However for our Orchid House Productions ident we thought that the font could look a bit more eccentric because the ident itself was much more colourful than the rest of the film. So for this one we used a curly font to make it look much more extravagant and I think it matched quite well with the pink glow of the orchid.”


Production Log – 28th of December

Today is the day! Last night I charged up all of the equipment and checked it all over to make sure that it was all working. I then wiped my SD card so that we could have the full storage space just for our film opening. By this morning, all of the equipment was charged up and ready to go. At around 11am, I made my way to Tom Scullion’s house with all of the equipment, the storyboards, chargers, ribbon for Rosie’s hair plus much more. By the time I arrived, Emelia had also just arrived. We then went through with Rosie’s mum exactly what it was that we needed Rosie to do. After this, we asked Rosie to pick out a couple of her favourite toys and to find her Wellington Boots. We then set off for Tom’s Grandma’s house. Upon arrival, we could tell that Rosie was not going to be shy with her acting! After we had set up all of the equipment, we watched through our animated storyboards. We then decorated the designated room with all of Rosie’s favourite toys so that the room would look more like a young girl’s bedroom. After this, I did Rosie’s hair for her into two high bunchies and tied them off with a ribbon. Not only did this hairstyle exaggerate the stereotype for a young girl, but it kept her hair in place throughout filming. We were now ready to begin filming. At first, I was on camera whilst Emelia did sound. We also asked Tom to do the clapperboard. After filming Rosie getting out of bed, looking out of the window, playing with her toys (very awkwardly) and exiting the room from many angles we moved onto the stairs. The staircase at Tom’s Grandma’s house was fairly spacious which allowed us to film from various angles. It was at this point when the storage on the SD card showed to be full. Confused as to why this was, considering I thought I had wiped the card the night before, we turned to using my iPhone on a tripod. After filming various actions in the kitchen and back upstairs again, Emelia noticed that the light on the sound recorder hadn’t been coming on. Although this worried us, the recorder displayed on the screen that it was recording and so we carried on. After filming Rosie looking around the house for her mother, it was time to go outside. For this shot, Emelia and I wanted to use the dolly. After initial confusion when setting it up, we were once again ready to film Rosie. Firstly we filmed her walking out into the garden and then cut to her walking in a field. Although the continuity of this wasn’t fantastic, it was the best that we could do considering the circumstances with the location! It was after this when Emelia and I noticed that hardly any time had passed. We were rushing our filming as the atmosphere was extremely awkward filming at our friend’s Grandma’s house. Emelia and I felt slightly uncomfortable and also guilty for being loud and filming around her house and so decided to finish here with intentions to film the outside scenes another day. In our next lesson, Emelia and I will upload our footage and sound and will start editing!

Final Cut Pro X

Emelia and I will be using Final Cut Pro X to edit our film opening. Here is what Emelia found out about this software…

“The software that we used to edit our film on is called Final Cut Pro X and it allows you to import and export video and audio clips and layer them to create a professional quality film.


Final Cut Pro X has many features such as:

  • Unlimited audio tracks – This feature allowed us to layer multiple pieces of audio in order to create the right atmosphere for our film.
  • Various editing functions – such as; standard ripple, roll, slip, slide, scrub, razor blade and time remapping.
  • Transitions –  We used several transitions in our final product in order to create a smoother running film and make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • A variety of filters – We looked through several filters in order to find one that portrayed the correct mood at the correct time. We found this feature really interesting and useful.

One of the most useful things that we discovered on Final Cut Pro X was the stabilization tool. This allowed us to limit the shakiness of the camera which was especially helpful because the ground where we were filming was unsteady and the bike method that we used gave a little bit of shake. However this helped to make our filming look much smoother.”

Emelia and I used Final Cut Pro X when making our music video for GCSE and for the various Preliminary Tasks for AS Level. Because of this, many actions came back to us and so we managed to work quickly and efficiently with the programme. However, just before editing Emelia and I watched a short tutorial on how to use Final Cut Pro X in order to remind us of the key functions and how to use the software to it’s best capability…