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Feedback on Editing…

Throughout the editing process, Emelia and I showed our teachers and classmates our film opening so far. Each time, we received constructive criticism and also positive feedback that allowed us to fine-tune our opening. With the feedback being from so many different people, Emelia and I hoped that we could perfect our film opening due to the range of suggestions. Some of these suggestions included…

  • Audio: Our diegetic sound was not consistent throughout our opening. This was because the volumes varied too much and so to fix this Emelia and I had to note down which volumes were too high or too low and had to alter them . For example, towards the beginning of the opening the young girl is shown to be opening the blinds. At first, the sound of the blinds opening was way too loud and so we had to turn this down. On the other hand, there were some diegetic sounds that we wanted exaggerated such as the footsteps crunching in the leaves; this is because this creates tension and depth into the shot.
  • Time Frames: In our opening we show the young girl making breakfast. However, we include the shot of her putting the toast in the toaster immediately followed by the shot of her taking it out already toasted. Our classmates said that this confused them slightly as it does not take that short amount of time to toast bread! In order to get over this, I added a fade. This indicates time passing and so brings back a sense of time to the opening. I also added in a fade in-between the two shots of the young girl retrieving the tray as the immediate change of her walking direction also put off people. Once again, the fade displays the passing of time.
  • Direction of Steps: In the outside scene, Emelia and I included various shots of the young girl’s feet walking. From feedback, it was clear that two of these shots were filmed the wrong way around in order for the opening to make complete sense. Although we could not go and film again, this could be easily rectified as we could simply flip the shots. When showing our film opening to the class after doing so, people agreed that it looked correct and made sense.
  • Length of Opening: Emelia and I started out with a lot of footage, if not too much! Because of this, our 2 minute opening was looking as if it was going to be around the 4 minute mark. We needed to cut down drastically and so looked for advice into which parts to cut. We were advised not to include so many different angles of the same shot and not to have shots of unnecessary things. We were then advised to cut down the individual clips so that the film opening would flow more.
  • Non Diegetic Sound: In our penultimate screening, it was suggested that Emelia and I turned up our non diegetic soundtrack slightly as in some places you could not hear it due to the exaggerated diegetic sounds. This was not hard to change but changed the tone of our film opening quite heavily… however, Emelia and I feel as though it changed it for the better.

As well as constructive criticism, the class gave us positive feedback. Overall, they liked the brightness of our shots and stated that the opening made perfect sense. However, the aspect that received the most feedback was on our final shot. People asked how we created it and when we explained they were fairly intrigued and impressed. Overall, Emelia and I were extremely grateful for the feedback given to us from our classmates and teachers. It allowed us to have various characters viewing our film and also allowed a fresh eye to pick out the silly mistakes that we may have missed from watching close up on the small screen. With this feedback, Emelia and I hope to create a professional film opening to be proud of!

Opinions On Animated Storyboards…

Emelia and I were happy with our animated storyboards because to us, it all made sense and we felt as though the flow was fairly decent for a film within the genre of a thriller. However, we began to wonder whether or not our animated storyboard and, ultimately, plot for our opening made sense to other. Because of these queries, we decided that it would be best to show our animated video to family and friends and note their viewpoints and opinions.

Firstly, we asked for opinions surrounding the pace of our 2 minute opening. From asking, we received varying answers. However, on the whole most people agreed that what we had was a believable pace for a thriller film. When we asked why they thought this, the majority of replies said that it was because “it helped to give a creepy or foreboding atmosphere” (Sally, 16). In complete comparison to this, some people said that the pace gave an almost “safe” atmosphere. Although at first rather baffled by the huge contrast between the two opinions, Emelia and I were not too worried as both of these opinions could work to our advantage. For example, the “creepy or foreboding atmosphere” could work to our advantage as it would help our film opening of it within our desired genre, thriller. On the other hand, the “safe” atmosphere could work to our advantage as the setting and location of our opening is meant to give off this feeling at first in lead up to the shock and twist at the end.

We then asked our family and friends whether or not they understood the plot of our film because we felt as though it only made sense to us as we know the background of each frame. The majority of people said that they understood what was going on throughout the scene and understood the movement and actions of the character completely. However, others mentioned that they were confused whether there was one or two young girls. When asking them why they thought this, it was clear to Emelia and I that the source of the confusion was due to the fact that the two of us have varying drawing technique and did not draw the young girl exactly the same as each other. This is something that we would consider changing if we were to re draw these storyboards, however as a whole we are happy with this feedback as we were extremely worried as to people would be able to tell what had been drawn because of the fact that neither of us are the most amazing of artists.

Overall, Emelia and I are happy with the feedback that we have received from our friends and family. We are now excited to use the animation when filming as we believe that it will be extremely useful in the chaos of it all!