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Codes and Conventions of a Professional Pitch…

Here is the Wikipedia definition of what a pitch should be… “A pitch is a concise verbal (and sometimes visual) presentation of an idea for a film or TV series generally made by a screenwriter or film director to a film producer or studio executive in the hope of attracting development finance to pay for the writing of a screenplay.”

This definition displays what it is that Emelia and I will have to produce. However, we shall not be pitching with the aim of funding but rather with the aim of approval from our teacher. Also, from this pitch we shall receive feedback from our teachers and peers in order to improve our idea.

Firstly, our pitch should be between 30 and 60 seconds. This is short and concise and so we shall need to plan carefully and make sure that we include all of our main points as well as keeping it interesting. This sort of pitch can also be referred to as an elevator pitch due to the time limit, it would be just the right amount of time to share in an elevator with someone else!

Firstly, I had to think about our plot and what genre it best fit into. Emelia and I had previously planned for our film to be contained within the thriller genre and so I felt that this background knowledge would be a good place to start off. Next, I decided to highlight which features we would use in order for our film to best fit into this genre. In order to keep the pitch interesting and to keep the audience involved I stated two films that our film would contain aspects of. Emelia came up with the films ‘Babadook’ and ‘Dead Silence’. Next, I had to think about how to present the plot of our film. Due to the short time period I had to think about which aspects of the storyline to mention and whether or not they would sell our opening to be interesting and effective. We thought it be best to focus mainly upon the plot of the opening as this is the part we are making and wanted the feedback upon. We then followed with features of an opening, idents, that we intend to include and finished off by briefly stating the plot of the following movie.

Here is our finished pitch…

Our film will be based on the genre of Thriller. Because of this, we will include features such as a dim, dark and cold colour palette, a tense composed score, many changes in angles of shots and of course the dark storyline to bring discomfort and disturbance to the audience.

Our film will contain aspects of the films Babadook and Dead Silence as we intend to re watch these films as inspiration due to the similarities in storyline between the three.

We shall begin our film by showing a young girl around the age of 4 in her bedroom. She will look out of her bedroom window and through an over the shoulder shot, the eerie, isolated, cold and icy field that she is looking at will be revealed. The young girl shall then begin to play with her toys and call for her mum. When she receives no response the young girl will stand and go downstairs to look for her mother.

After this, we will cut to a new scene outside. We shall use a wide shot and a pan in order to display the eerie and secluded field. However, towards the end of this pan we will see a limp, grey and motionless foot. We shall then reveal the dead body of the mother and as we do so, a shot of the young girl staring down at her mother in shock, confusion and distress. In the final shot to our opening, we shall see the reaction of the young girl but with a dark, shadow like man towering over her behind her.

We also intend to include idents, the names of producers directors and actors and playing over this a self composed score. The plot to the whole movie is intended to follow this event and learn more about what happened on that winters day.

Now that the pitch is written, I have made Emelia and I cue cards so that we do not stand there saying ‘um’ as this would make our pitch seem unprofessional. From here, Emelia and I need to practise the pitch so that it seems well planned and so that we know who says what etc…