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Preliminary Task: Planning

We were given the task to film and edit a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom s/he then exchanges a few lines of dialogue. This task will allow us to learn how to use the various equipment and software that we will use in our end production.

Firstly, we were put into groups of three. I am in a group with Emelia Rodgers and Adam Zayee. Firstly we decided to brainstorm our ideas. We had various ideas such as: a shock, a pregnancy scare, a therapist session; done in another language; a first date; a person back from the war; or emergency. Our final decision was to use a different language for our short dialogue. We chose this because we believed that it would display creativity and imagination.

Our first task was to create the script. I did Spanish at GCSE and so used my knowledge from that to write the script. We decided to use a dramatic storyline and used the pregnancy scare idea as we knew the vocabulary to do so.┬áNext, we had to write in the shots and actions that we were going to use. We are using a variety of shots in order to get across various expressions and emotions. After this, we were taught how to set up and use all of the various equipment in preparation for filming. Whilst practicing this Adam Zayee booked out a room for us to film in. Our next challenge was to find two actors who were willing to be in our short clip, this turned out to be our first problem that we came across in this process. We have been given period one to film our footage. Unfortunately, Spanish lessons are on at the same time as our allocated slot and so we have had to find other people to act. In the end we found two actors, Grace Morris and Alex Lai. Our filming will begin tomorrow morning…