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Colour Palette

In order to make our film opening as realistic as possible we decided to do a survey on SurveyMonkey to see what most people would expect from a thriller movie. We think that having a strong colour palette is extremely important because it will help to portray the right atmosphere and emotions in our film.
The results from the survey say that most people would expect the colour palette to be either cold colours (such as blue and grey) or dark colours (such as black and brown.)

Using a cold colour palette would help to show the iciness and intensity that we are trying to portray. Considering that our setting is going to be a frosty field this would be an excellent choice because it would make the frost seem even more intense and threatening, especially considering how the young girl will be shown alone outside.
On the other hand, using a dark colour palette would enhance the thriller aspect to our film and make it seem scarier. We think this would be a good idea because we want to make the thriller genre really evident in our film so that we can fulfil the task properly. This could also make the film seem a lot more intense because the darkness will add to the fear of the unknown.
After carefully considering both options we have decided to use a mixture of both cold and dark colours. We have chosen this decision because we feel like it would enhance the atmosphere that we are trying to portray and help to make our film seem more like a thriller.

Here are a few examples of the colour palettes that we intent to use in our film…