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Changes That We Are Going To Make…

In order to improve upon our original film, Emelia and I are going to have to make various changes within our filming.

Firstly, we are altering our storyline. We shall now begin with the young girl waking up and then looking outside of her bedroom window into the icy, isolated film. After this, we shall no longer see her playing with her toys but shall see her go straight towards the stairs. She shall then go downstairs and make breakfast in bed for her Mum. After this, she shall go back upstairs holding the breakfast in bed and go into her Mother’s room. However, when entering the room she shall see that her Mum is not longer in bed. Confused, she shall go downstairs looking for her Mother on the way. When she can not find her, she shall go towards the back door and put on her Wellington Boots. After this, she shall go outside in search of her Mum. We shall then cut to the icy and isolated field and show the young girl walking. After this, we shall show the dead body and tilt upwards to reveal the young girl staring down at her dead Mother and then tilt even further to reveal the title of the film… that we have still not decided upon! We have decided to change the storyline because we wanted to cut out the awkwardness of her playing with her toys. We also think that this makes much more sense and highlights her innocence as she makes her Mum breakfast in bed. We are also no longer showing the mysterious man lingering over the young girl. We have made this decision as the footage that we are making is only the two minute opening and so you do not want to give too much away!

The second major difference to our film opening will be the location. Although we have not decided for definite yet, we know that we have to change location as the previous location is no longer available. However, even if it was I doubt that Emelia and I would film there again as it was awkward, dark and pushed us to rush our filming. We need to film in a space that we have complete control over. The space must also be light and open planned. Because of this, it is most probable that we will film at my own house!

We also intend to film the majority of the opening on the professional cameras as this will give off a much better quality. In order to achieve this, I have ordered two new SD Cards and will check that they work before we begin filming. We plan to film all of the opening on the camera, except from the last shot as we can not attach the expensive cameras to the wheel of a bike!

Although Emelia and I have considered various new additions to our storyline and filming technique, we have also planned to keep various aspects the same. For example, Emelia and I plan to use Rosie Scullion as our main character and will include a dead body! Hopefully, Emelia and I can pull off our reshoot and can reach our high expectations…